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Of all the types of general work equipment, the backhoe is one of the most ubiquitous. They are commonly shipped (in comparison to other types of heavy equipment, anyway), though shipping them still presents unique challenges.

Is shipping a backhoe difficult?

It can be. Backhoes are often much larger than a standard pickup truck, which means most can’t fit on a standard car transport carrier. This requires backhoe auto shipping services to be done a different way. And that different way tends to be via a lowboy or other type of flatbed vehicle shipping truck.

This is fairly common when it comes to heavy equipment transportation services. Many times heavy equipment just is too big or heavy to fit on a standard carrier, so a lowboy is going to be needed. The issue with lowboy transportation – and flatbed shipping in general – is the overall lack of demand. This leads to fewer flatbed haulers on the road, which can lead to higher prices and longer wait times for dispatch, pickup and transit.

What to know about backhoe auto shipping services

As mentioned, shipping a backhoe is probably going to be expensive especially when compared to standard shipping services. This is for several reasons. The size of a backhoe often forces carriers to ship one piece of heavy equipment at a time. This means that one customer has to help cover all those shipping costs, whereas with a standard ten-car hauler, that cost is split among ten different customers. So you need to be prepared for that.

And, as we mentioned, lowboy shipping services are not as in demand as standard auto transportation services, so finding a company that can ship a backhoe takes more time. You should be prepared for that, and make sure you speak with an agent to learn more about your specific shipment. Ultimately, it is not hard to ship a backhoe, so long as everything is done correctly. All it takes is time.  

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