You’ve likely seen an articulated truck before, and if you’re shipping one you certainly know what it is. They are often large and capable of tight, sharp turns thanks to a joint in its construction. Simply put, if the engine is separate from the trailer, it’s likely an articulated truck.

Are you looking for articulated truck transport?

Shipping an articulated truck can be somewhat difficult, partly because it’s often an articulated truck that is going to haul it! Pretty much every piece of heavy equipment that needs shipped will be done so via a lowboy.

These are specialty trucks that are designed to haul heavy cargo, and an articulated truck falls under that category. Note that there are several different types of articulated trucks and tractors. There is the standard truck cab, which is typically hooked up to standard 53-foot trailers. The trailers will have to be hauled separately usually, though you should speak to an agent about that. 

The other kind of articulated chassis is a construction chassis, like a Caterpillar. Those are usually either two-axis or three-axis by design and are built to accommodate a number of different cabs and configurations. These are larger than a standard articulated truck cab, and as such may be more difficult to ship.

What to know about articulated truck transport services

As with any heavy equipment construction services, the larger something is the more expensive it will be to ship. As such, make sure to have the dimensions of your truck or chassis on-hand and ready to give to anyone who asks. This will help make your quote more accurate, which will ensure it gets shipped on time and on schedule. 

It can take time to get a lowboy out to you, and it depends heavily on where you’re shipping from and to. More populated areas tend to have lowboys in the area already, while more rural towns may see delays in pickup windows. Again, speak to an agent to learn more.

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