Auto Transporters List: A (Brief) Overview

When you’re searching online for an auto transporters list, it’s important to understand just what you really want to search for. In the auto transport industry, there are two types of Auto Transporters Listcompanies that you can book a shipment with: an auto shipping broker or an auto shipping carrier.

These companies facilitate and actually move your vehicle for you, unlike sites like us, which get you into contact with these companies (we are known as an auto transport quote provider and provide a 100% free service to get in touch with different auto shippers).

Auto transport brokers are different than auto transport carriers, and while we’ve explained why before, because there are thousands of each there are bound to be an auto transporters list or twenty that gives you links to various companies. We’re here to explain the good and the bad sides of these lists and how you can make them work for you.

Auto Transporters List: Brokers

Many websites that provide free quotes like to provide a broker auto transporters list or two. You know, a directory with a bunch of different companies that you can check it. While directories are slowly going the way of the Dodo thanks to recent changes to Google and other search engines, they’re still prevalent and can sometimes be misleading.

A list that is literally nothing but links and brief descriptions often links to unsavory companies or companies with less than stellar reputations. They use such an auto shippers list as another source of advertising, and with brokers advertising is a lot of their overhead. Brokers are the companies you definitely want to book with, though, and the reason why is that they provide an auto transporters list of the shipping companies they actually work with – the ones that physically ship your vehicle.

While their list is usually a few dozen pages long and contains hundreds (if not thousands) of auto shippers, they can use said list to find you the right auto shipper for your specific needs.

Auto Transporters List: Carriers

Auto Transporters ListCarriers utilize an industry-only auto transporters list called Central Dispatch in order to communicate with brokerages.

Many brokers will have a hard copy list of auto transporters for their top companies – dispatchers in brokerages (at least the good ones) will often forge strong business relations with reliable carrier companies, and any broker with a top auto shippers list is a company worth booking with. But there are thousands of carriers ranging in age and size, and not all carriers service all areas.

Carriers utilize Central Dispatch’s auto transporters list as their particular means of advertising; you probably won’t find an auto transporters list online of interstate carriers – usually they’re only brokers. But Central is a great tool for carriers to get on an auto transporters list and actually find some customers – typically through brokers, though.

As carriers don’t typically advertise to the general public, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that will actually allow you to book with them directly; most will simply tell you to go through a broker and request that your broker book with them.