Wisconsin is a really nifty state. If you’re looking for car shipping in Wisconsin, here are some things you might want to know before you make your final decision.

Wisconsin is bordered by Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and Illionis, and also borders Lakes Michigan and Superior. It’s been a part of the United States officially since the end of the American Revolution, and was admitted as a state on May 29, 1948. Had the state lines been drawn like they were supposed to have been, present-day Chicago would have been in Wisconsin, but the Northwest Ordinance prevented this.

The economy of Wisconsin was originally based on farming and dairy, along with mining and lumber. However, this shifted away as more and more tourists came for the wonderful air and beautiful lakes and rivers during the 20th century.

Industrialization of the state began late in the 19th century, with Milwaukee as its major center. However, in recent decades, service industries like medicine and education have become more dominant over industry. Also popular is tourism and outdoor recreation, both of which the state is famous for. And if you’re looking for auto transport, you’re definitely going to the right state.

Wisconsin doesn’t really have a lot of variety when it comes to its people. Yankees first came to colonize the area from New York and New England, and really began to dominate the state’s heavy industry, as well as its financial districts, politics and education.

More Europeans came following this, mostly from Germany, although also from Scandinavia, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. In fact, almost 42% of the population is of German ancestry, which makes Wisconsin one of the most German-American states in the U.S.

Wisconsin’s climate is great for growing crops with a wet season falling in spring and summer, perfect for the farmer looking for auto transport to Wisconsin.

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