Car Shipping to Mercer Island, WashingtonMercer Island is a city located in King County, in the U.S. state of Washington. It is located in Lake Washington, and is entirely an island. The city is a part of the Seattle, Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area and is currently home to a population of over 24,300 residents. It is connected to the mainland via two different bridges, which does make car shipping to Mercer Island easier to find and book. The city is mostly a residential suburb of Seattle and is more a commuter city than anything else, though it does have its own small economy based primarily on tourism and retail.

Basic Facts About Mercer Island

  • Current population: 24,300
  • Total area: 13.11
  • Official website:
  • Located in: King County
  • Founded in: 1870
  • Zip codes: 98040
  • Area codes: 206

Car Shipping to Mercer Island Tips and Tricks

On the whole, car shipping to Mercer Island should not be all that difficult to find a book considering it’s fairly easy to access. With island cities, it can be hard for carriers to get to or from them if they don’t have any major roads connecting them to the mainland U.S. Mercer Island’s two bridges, one on either side of the island, carry I-90 through the city and into Seattle, which gives carriers an easy way to stop in Mercer Island before heading out to other areas around Seattle. This does help keep prices lower and transit times quicker than if you were to ship to other, less-accessible parts of the region, but some carriers may want to meet you in Seattle or somewhere east or south of Mercer Island for pickup and delivery. This may help mitigate some cost and also cut down transit time and pickup/delivery window frames as well. Make sure to talk to an agent to learn more.

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