South Houston 1South Houston is a city located in Harris County, within the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land Metropolitan Statistical Area, also known as Greater Houston or Houston metro. Home to just under 17,000 residents, South Houston sits just south of Houston, as the name implies; it also borders the nearby city of Pasadena. The city of South Houston was founded by an agent of the Western Land Company, who settled the town of Dumont in 1907. By 1910 a post office had been established, and in 1913 the name was changed to South Houston and the settlement formerly known as Dumont was incorporated as a city. South Houston has continued to grow slowly, with most residents moving to the area from Houston proper, or other parts of the metropolitan region.

Basic Facts About South Houston

  • Current population: 16,900
  • Current mayor: Joe Soto
  • Total area: 3.0 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Harris County
  • Founded in: 1907
  • Zip codes: 77587
  • Area codes: 713

Auto Transport Tips to South Houston

South Houston actually sits a bit southeast of Houston proper, but sits along Interstate 45 which is the main route connecting Houston to the port city of Galveston, a popular auto transport destination within the state of Texas. This can really be helpful if you’re shipping from the northern areas of the U.S., particularly those in the Midwest, as carriers can run routes into Houston then travel down to Galveston, and simply stop in South Houston along the way. Pricing depends heavily on where you’re shipping from and to, as well as those areas’ ease of access; with South Houston located along a major interstate and directly adjacent to the city of Houston, prices should be lower and pickup times quicker than along other routes of a similar distance.

Of course, it may also be beneficial to discuss options regarding possibly moving your pickup or delivery out of South Houston and to another area that may be easier for a carrier to get into and out of, especially if you’re shipping on a budget or if you’re pressed for time. Auto shipping representatives can help you find the best locations for both pickup and delivery in your area, if you’re willing to drive a few miles out of the way, since they communicate with carriers on a daily basis. They understand the best areas of the major metro regions, the ones that carriers like to visit most, and they can arrange it to where your pickup window can be shortened and your price lessened, so long as it’s available. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do, and the price is what it is, but more often than not you can save some money by working with your representative.

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