Manor 1Manor is a city located in Travis County, Texas. Pronounced “May-ner,” Manor is home to over 5,000 residents and is located within the Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos Metropolitan Statistical Area, also known as the Greater Austin metro area. Manor has been a sleepy town since its founding in 1842 as one of the first stage coach stops out of Austin. A post office was established in 1859, but growth remained slow until the early 1870’s when a railroad line was built through the town. Though the railroad only brought sporadic growth, the turn of the 20th century saw the town continue to grow. The post-World War II boom led to even more population growth as well as new economic development, and today Manor is one of the fastest-growing areas of the Greater Austin area.

Basic Facts About Manor

  • Current population: 5,000
  • Current mayor: Rita G. Jonse
  • Total area: 5.7 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Travis County
  • Founded in: 1842
  • Zip codes: 78653
  • Area codes: 512, 737

Auto Transport Tips to Manor

As a small town, Manor doesn’t see much auto transport traffic as it’s relatively low on the list of most popular auto transport locations. Manor sits just east of northern Austin, halfway between Austin and Elgin, another small town in the Austin metro area. Auto transport companies prefer running routes into and out of major cities, or large bedroom cities that immediately surround the big city. It all comes down to the customers, the customers, where are the customers, and major cities are an easy answer because usually they have hundreds of thousands if not millions of people living in and around them.

It also helps when those major cities sit along major interstates, and while Austin sits right along several of the most important and heavily-traveled interstates in the region, Manor does not. A small state highway usually doesn’t entice carriers all that much, and in most areas they would probably rather meet you on the outskirts of a major city. That said, it only sits a few miles outside of Austin, so it’s entirely plausible that an auto transport company would have no qualms about running a quick route out to Manor, especially if they’re going to have to go to Elgin, which sits further east – or if their last stop was in Elgin, as they can stop in Manor before heading into Austin.

There’s lots of different options and ways to save money and time on auto transport services, but to get the most out of it you’ll need to discuss those options with an auto transport company representative. If you have yet to find a company that you feel comfortable with, fill out our free online quote request form to get multiple free quotes emailed to you from some of the best and highest-rated auto transport companies in the industry. You can discuss your options with one of their representatives after getting your free quotes, as well as review their policies and the services they offer and how they differ in order to find the right shipper for your specific needs. As always, you can call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our own live agents, if you have questions or concerns about your shipment.

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