Rhode Island Auto TransportRhode Island – officially the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations – is a state located in the New England region of the United States. Home to just over one million residents, it is one of the smallest states by population in the country.

It is also the smallest state in total area. This makes finding Rhode Island auto transport services a bit more difficult. However, it sits close to many major New England cities, which can make it easier to find a carrier willing to go there.

A bit about Rhode Island car shipping services

As the state is the smallest in the nation, it’s not all that hard to get around it. This is actually a big advantage that the state has when it comes to shipping your car to or from it.

There are several major cities in the state, too, which are easily accessible via the interstate highways. Providence is by far the largest. Home to over 179,000 residents,

Providence is the state’s capital, and it’s most popular car shipping location. Other major cities in the state include Cranston, Warwick, and Pawtucket – all of which sit within miles of Providence.

With Providence the main location for auto transportation services, ease of access becomes paramount. And Providence sits right along Interstate 95, the main interstate highway up and down the east coast.

It runs from Miami to Maine and is one of the most important routes in the country. Car transport companies love routes up and down the coast, and Providence also sits southwest of Boston, which is also a major car shipping location.

Being able to access cities such as Boston, Baltimore and New York – alongside Providence – is a big boon, and tends to result in lower wait times for pickup, transit and delivery.

A bit about rural Rhode Island auto transport services

In a lot of states, rural auto shipping services are a bit harder to find than shipping to major cities. That being said, Rhode Island is really small – it’s nothing like most states.

So the rural areas aren’t all that far away from major cities like Providence and the rest of the Providence metro area. And this makes it a lot easier for carriers to get around. Rural auto shipping to or from areas outside Providence likely won’t cost all that much more than shipping to the major cities.

Now, that being said, you could still probably save a bit of money by moving your pickup or delivery location to Providence. And with Rhode Island, it’s really not that hard to get there.

Most places are within an hour’s drive from Providence; this means that you could save upwards of $50-100 just by moving your pickup or delivery to Providence. Some areas may see no change at all compared to the prices to the major city; that said, it’s best to talk to your agent to learn more.

Interested in Rhode Island auto transport?

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