Car Transport Green OhioGreen is a city located in Summit County, in the U.S. state of Ohio, located just a few miles south of Akron, one of the largest cities in the state. As far as car transport locations go, Akron is popular but Green is less so, mostly because its population sits at just over 25,700 residents, which hardly makes it a major location for auto transport companies. The city was founded in 1809 ans was originally a part of Stark County before becoming a part of Summit County in 1840. For much of its history, the city was unincorporated and surrounded by other unincorporated communities; by the end of the 1950’s farmers were selling parcels of land to real estate developers in order to raise much-needed cash. Green incorporated as a city in 1991.

Basic Facts About Green

  • Current population: 25,700
  • Current mayor: Dick Norton
  • Total area: 33.54 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Summit County
  • Founded in: 1809
  • Zip codes: 44232
  • Area codes: 330

Car Transport Tips to and from Green

Green sits literally minutes away from Akron proper, which is really goods news if you happen to need car transport services to or from the area. Car transport carriers prefer to run routes into and out of major metropolitan areas as that is where their customers are based and where they tend to congregate. By sticking to major metro areas and cities, car shippers can lower their overall costs for operating their trucks and that will help cut costs that their customers pay as well. While Akron – and, by extension, Green – are not the most popular areas in Ohio to ship to or from, Akron sits in the top-five for largest metro areas in Ohio, and Green is just a few miles outside of it, so that definitely does.

But it’s not just because of its proximity to Akron that Green sees more competitive auto transport pricing. It’s also because it sits right along I-77, an interstate highway that connects Cleveland, Ohio to Charleston, West Virginia, and includes a number of smaller cities along its route. While I-77 may not be as important an interstate as, say, I-95, it does see a decent amount of car transport traffic and prices into and out of Green tend to be more competitive as a result. See, by sticking to major interstates, auto transport companies can quickly get from one major metro area to another, which is great news for both you and your carrier.

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