Auto Shipping to North Adams, MassachusettsNorth Adams is a city located in Berkshire County, in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. It is home to a population of just over 13,700, making it the smallest incorporated city by population in the state. Though the city was long a city dominated by industry, in recent decades it has become a center of tourism, culture and recreation. Much of this is because of the disappearance of industry over the past four or five decades. Auto shipping to North Adams is made both more difficult and easier because of this. As the smallest incorporated city in the state, it sees little demand from customers. Read on to learn more about shipping to North Adams.

Basic Facts About North Adams

  • Current population: 13,700
  • Current mayor: Richard Alcombright
  • Total area: 206 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Berkshire County
  • Founded in: 1745
  • Zip codes: 01247
  • Area codes: 413

Auto Shipping to North Adams Tips and Tricks

Auto shipping to North Adams is more difficult to find than other cities in the state. This is due to the fact that carriers like big cities with large, sprawling metropolitan areas. It is much easier for them to find multiple loads in an area. Being able to load or unload multiple vehicles results in more money on a given route, and in a shorter amount of time. This reduces overhead costs, increases profits, and makes it much easier for carriers to operate. Now, it’s not impossible to find auto shipping to North Adams, just more difficult. Many carriers will likely ask you to meet them in nearby Pittsfield, as it is larger and more easily accessible.

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