Taylorville 1Taylorville is a city in as well as the county seat of Christian County, Illinois. Home to over 11,500 residents, it is the largest city in the county and anchors its own micropolitan area, though it sits just thirty miles or so southeast of Springfield and about the same distance from Decatur, which sits to the northeast. Taylorville started as a small town and was founded in 1839; over the course of the next one hundred fifty years, it grew slowly but surely despite its location away from any other major cities. Today, Taylorville has all the amenities of a larger city including shopping, healthcare and industry, as well as education, while still retaining that “small-town” feel that many residents of the city tend to enjoy.

Basic Facts About Taylorville

  • Current population: 11,500
  • Current mayor: Greg Brotherton
  • Total area: 10.1 sq mi
  • Official website: http://www.taylorville.net/
  • Located in: Christian County
  • Founded in: 1839
  • Zip codes: 62568
  • Area codes: 217

Auto Transport Tips to and from Taylorville

When shipping a vehicle to or from Taylorville, you’ll likely find that it’ll be cheaper to ship to or from Springfield or Decatur instead and meeting your driver at one of the larger cities in the area for pickup or delivery. A lot of this has to do with distance from established routes; few (if any) carriers actively plan routes through Taylorville, so customers shipping to or from the city force their shippers off the beaten path, and if a carrier is coming out of Springfield or Decatur that’s an hour or two round-trip, from start to finish. While that might not seem like much, it’s still a deviation from their standard route and can cause them to up the price a bit to compensate.

Part of the problem is the fact that Taylorville is only accessible via state highways and surface streets; this is problematic because there are some roads that large shippers cannot even access due to the size of their truck, and some areas of Taylorville may be inaccessible for this reason. Not only that but state highways in the area are more prone to traffic jams, which can increase their operating costs, and it takes them away from the interstate highways of the area, which is what they prefer to run routes along. At only thirty miles away from two different medium-sized cities, it’s mitigated a bit, but if you’re shipping on a budget you may find moving your pickup or delivery location out of Taylorville in favor of a more easily-accessible location might not be a bad idea.

If you’re interested in shipping a vehicle to or from Taylorville, you should take a minute to fill out our free online auto transport quote request form. When you submit it, your information will be sent to multiple auto transport companies that we make sure are top-rated, licensed, bonded and insured. Your quotes will come to the email address you provide, complete with prices and lists of services and reasons why they are the one you want to book with. Compare their prices against one another, talk to some of their reps and find the right company for your shipping needs. You can also contact one of our live agents for free at 800-930-7417 anytime if you have questions about our services or need some help getting your free quotes.

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