South Beloit 1South Beloit is a city located in Winnebago County, on the northern border of the U.S. state of Illinois. Home to a population of just under 7,900 residents (though likely more now; the last count was done in 2010), South Beloit sits just south of Beloit, Wisconsin, and is currently a part of the Rockford, Illinois Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is home to over 348,000 residents. Founded in the mid 1830’s, South Beloit was originally known as “Turtle” and several other names were rejected before the townspeople finally settled on “South Beloit” in the 1840’s. Mining, particularly for iron, copper and lead, has long been a mainstay of the city’s economy, and there are still active mines and quarries for limestone and other rocks today.

Basic Facts About South Beloit

  • Current population: 7,900
  • Current mayor: Alice Schoonover
  • Total area: 6.13 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Winnebago County
  • Founded in: 1836
  • Zip codes: 61080
  • Area codes: 779, 815

Auto Transport to and from South Beloit

South Beloit is situated at the Illinois-Wisconsin border, literally up against the state line. Though it’s a part of the Rockford Metropolitan Statistical Area, it’s more of an outlier community than anything, though it sits less than 20 miles away. This is good news for you, as auto transport companies can usually run routes into and out of major cities and service multiple communities surrounding those cities quickly and easily, which in turn helps keep prices lower and carrier availability higher. On the whole, South Beloit won’t be as popular an area to ship to or from as Rockford, so you may find faster pickup times into or out of Rockford, where you can meet the driver, instead of in South Beloit proper.

This kind of depends on the route that the carrier is taking into the metro area, though; South Beloit sits right along I-90 as it winds its way into Wisconsin, so it may be feasible that if you’re shipping east or west to an area that is also along I-90, or at least somewhat close to it, that you can save some time and money. It depends, though; in terms of the auto transport industry, I-90 isn’t the most popular interstate because its route winds through areas that are not all that popular among customers and carriers. You’ll want to discuss this in more detail with an auto transport representative, though, and the best way to do that is to fill out our free online auto transport quote request form.

When you fill out our free quote form and submit it, your information will be sent to different auto transportation companies that will compile an actual quote for you and email it to you within minutes of submitting our form. It’s fast and free, and getting multiple quotes gets you access to top-rated shipping companies and, more importantly, representatives that you can then discuss your shipment with right over the phone. If you have more general questions about shipping a vehicle, or need some help getting your free quotes in the first place, give us a call at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents.

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