Auto Transport to SmyrnaSmyrna is a city located in Cobb County, in the U.S. state of Georgia. Currently home to a population of over 53,400 residents, Smyrna is a large suburb of Atlanta and is one of the larger cities in the Atlanta area. This makes auto transport to Smyrna a lot easier to find and often helps keep prices more competitive. First settled as early as 1832, Smyrna grew as a popular travel destination, though did not see any significant growth until the 1840’s and the arrival of the railroads. As Atlanta grew in size and scope, so too did Smyrna, along with many other cities around the Atlanta area, and today Smyrna is continually rated as one of the best cities for young adults in the country.

Basic Facts About Smyrna

  • Current population: 53,400
  • Current mayor: Max Bacon
  • Total area: 15.4 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Cobb County
  • Founded in: 1832
  • Zip codes: 30080-30082
  • Area codes: 770, 678, 404

Auto Transport to Smyrna Tips and Tricks

Auto transport to Smyrna, as mentioned, is made much easier by the fact that it sits so close to Atlanta, which is the largest city in (and capital of) the state of Georgia. Carriers prefer to run routes into and out of major metropolitan areas that surround major cities, so the fact that Smyrna sits so close to Atlanta should help keep your transit times a bit quicker and your prices a bit more competitive. The reason why carriers like to stick close to major cities is because that’s where their customers tend to congregate, so they stay close to the major customer bases. This allows them to charge less-per-load while still making enough to cover their operating costs and turn a profit (they are a business, after all).

What also helps when it comes time for auto transport to Smyrna is the fact that the city sits right along both I-75 and I-285, with the former being a major north-south interstate that runs from Detroit all the way south to Tampa, Florida, passing through the Atlanta metro area along the way. I-285 is the beltway around Atlanta, allowing carriers servicing the Atlanta metro area to quickly get into and out of both Smyrna, Atlanta and other major parts of the Atlanta metro area without having to charge their customers more. All in all, Smyrna’s location near Atlanta makes auto transport to the area a lot more cost effective.

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