Auto Transport to East PointEast Point is a city located in Fulton County, in the U.S. state of Georgia. Currently home to a population of over 33,700 residents, auto transport to East Point is made easier by the fact that it is a part of the Atlanta, Georgia Metropolitan Statistical Area, the largest metro area in Georgia and one of the largest in the southeastern United States. East Point was named because of its location along the Atlanta and West Point Railroad, as it was essentially on the eastern end of the rail line. The city was founded in 1870 and grew rapidly thanks to the railroad and the subsequent industrial boom that followed. Today, East Point is a minor suburb of Atlanta and one of the larger city’s many neighboring bedroom communities.

Basic Facts About East Point

  • Current population: 33,700
  • Current mayor: Janquell Peters
  • Total area: 13.8 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Fulton County
  • Founded in: 1870
  • Zip codes: 30344, 30364
  • Area codes: 404

Auto Transport to East Point Tips and Tricks

When you’re on the hunt for auto transport to East Point, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind, namely that East Point, as a suburb of Atlanta, will likely be about as difficult to ship to and from as most areas of the Atlanta metro area. This is because auto shipping companies prefer to run routes into and out of major cities surrounded by numerous smaller bedroom communities. It’s because this is where the customers tend to be, and the larger the city, the larger the amount of potential customers. Therefore, auto shippers have an easier time keeping their trucks full and on the road when moving into and out of major cities, which is why they tend to be cheaper to ship to and from.

It also helps that larger cities tend to be connected to the Interstate Highway System in more ways than one, which usually means easier access to a given area. Let’s look at East Point – the city sits just south of Atlanta proper, along both I-85 and and I-285. These two interstate highways are crucial routes through the southern Atlanta metro area, and they make auto transport to East Point a lot easier to find and a lot cheaper for you. Some carriers may ask you to move your pickup or delivery location out of East Point and into another part of the metro area, on account of ease of access, but you can discuss this in more detail depending on your route and other reasons.

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