Victorville 1Victorville is a city located in southwestern San Bernardino County, California, and is a part of the Greater Los Angeles area. Home to over 120,000 residents it is a larger city in the area and was first founded in the late 19th century.

First settled by a man named Aaron G. Lane, who came to the area in the late 1850’s looking for a place to settle down. At the time the area was known as “Lane’s Crossing,” though was renamed “Victor” around 1895 and then “Victorville” to distinguish it from Victor, Colorado, which at the time was another growing part of the Western United States.

Victorville originally sat along historic Route 66, which today is known as Seventh Street and crosses Interstate 15 near Old Victorville.

Brief Facts About Victorville

  • Current population: 120,000
  • Current mayor: Jim Cox
  • Total area: 73.7 sq mi
  • Located in: San Bernardino County
  • Founded in: 1858
  • Area codes: 442, 760

Auto Transport Tips to Victorville

Victorville sits along Interstate 15, a main route through southeastern California, ultimately connecting the area around San Bernardino proper with Las Vegas and further north into Idaho and Montana. I-15 is not the most popular interstate with carriers, but its link to Las Vegas and the Greater Los Angeles Area a few hours southwest definitely helps the cause.

Victorville is considered rather out-of-the-way in terms of cities in the Greater Los Angeles Area, which can make it more expensive or more difficult for customers to get into and out of the area. Carriers prefer running routes to and from major metro areas, and while Victorville is a part of Greater Los Angeles, it is still not the most convenient area unless the shipper is going through to Las Vegas (or, conversely, coming from). Las Vegas is a lot more popular of a transport location, though not ideal if you’re moving your vehicle to Victorville; to save money, San Bernardino may be a better pickup or delivery option.

You should always talk to your representative if you think moving your pickup or delivery location away from Victorville may save you money, because they’ll be able to best tell you what your options would be. Though Victorville isn’t the most popular transportation location, I-15 running through the area certainly helps the cause. Again, talk to your shipper – this will be your best bet for transportation to or from Victorville and your wallet both.

Local References

Victorville Zip Codes Include:

92392,92393,92394, 92395

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