Vallejo 1Vallejo is a city located in Solano County, California, and is the tenth-largest city by population in the Bay Area, which currently stands at 116,000. It is also the largest city in the county.

Founded in 1851, Vallejo was named as the state capital the same year, but served only a brief time; the state could not provide a capitol building in time for the first legislature meeting, and it was decided in a leaky building sitting on barrels that they would reconvene in Sacramento.

After the capital left, the Mare Island Naval Yard was established, mainly to help the city recover from the economic loss of losing its status as capital. The naval yard operated for over a century, finally closing down in 1996.

Brief Facts About Vallejo

  • Current population: 116,000
  • Current mayor: Osby Davis
  • Total area: 49.5 sq mi
  • Located in: Solano County
  • Founded in: 1851
  • Area codes: 707

Auto Transport Tips to Vallejo

Vallejo sits about 30 miles northeast of San Francisco, and this is good news because when shipping to San Francisco from the northern states, Vallejo can be a good stopping point to save a bit of cash. I-80 runs north-south through that particular stretch, which just so happens to run right through the center of the city, making it easily accessible for many carriers running routes in and out of San Francisco.

I-80 makes it so much easier to get in and out of Vallejo for other reasons, too. For starters, it links up with I-5 near Sacramento, which is really helpful for auto shippers that use Interstate 5 primarily. It connects south to San Francisco and connects with a wide array of other interstates and state highways too; this increases the number of available routes in the area, leading auto shipping to lower prices because they now have options over where to go next.

We recommend talking to your representative about cost-saving measures when shipping to and from Vallejo. It’s location so far north in the Bay Area isn’t very helpful, but sitting smack along I-80 really is; therefore, there are a lot more variables that go into shipping to and from Vallejo and saving money at the same time that it’s best to discuss it with a professional. Simply let your representative know what you’re looking for (i.e. price savings) and they’ll let you know what they can do.

Local References

Vallejo Zip Codes Include:

94589, 94590, 94591, 94592

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