Santee 1Santee is a suburban town, located in the East County region of San Diego County. Home to over 53,000 residents, Santee is a major suburb of San Diego proper, sitting no more than half an hour away. Santee is known for its outdoor activities, particularly hiking and mountain biking, and is also known for its public parks. Santee is also the home of several music festivals, including a ten-week concert series in the summer and the Santee Wine & Bluegrass Festival every fall. Santee is also home to nine junior and elementary schools as well as two high schools spread across two school districts.

Basic Facts About Santee

  • Current population: 53,400
  • Current mayor: Randy Voepel
  • Total area: 16.5 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: San Diego County
  • Founded in: 19th century
  • Zip codes: 92071-92072
  • Area codes: 619

Tips for Auto Transport to and from Santee

Santee is only accessible via state routes and highways, which can make it rather troublesome for auto shippers to go into or out of the city. Auto transport drivers tend to stick to major metro areas and highly-traveled interstate highways, in order to increase their chances of securing loads from city to city. Cities with no major connections to an interstate highway tend to be a bit more expensive as a result.

Something else you should think about is the increased amount of time it takes for carriers to get into and out of Santee, and how that can affect your pickup window. Carriers don’t like going to areas they don’t normally frequent, and its doubtful anyone has Santee added to their regular route across the country. Therefore, your pickup window will likely be extended or lengthened to take this into account.

Luckily, Santee sits near San Diego, and is a part of the city’s metro area, so even if carriers don’t want to go into Santee proper you can easily meet them in a better location that they can quickly get to and from. Carriers like to stick to metro areas, as mentioned, which in this case is fine. It may require you to find alternate transportation to get to or from the location, depending, but it’s definitely something you’ll want to talk to your auto transport representative about.

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