Lancaster 1Lancaster is a city located in northern Los Angeles County, California. The city currently ranks 30th in terms of total population within the state of California and is currently home to a population of over 157,000.

It is the largest city in California that is located in the Mojave Desert, which spans several states. Lancaster is home to the first “Musical Road” in the United States; when traveled along, it plays the ending part of the “William Tell Overture.”

Lancaster is also famous for its festivals, of which it has several, including the California Poppy Festival, which began as an Earth Day celebration; the Lancaster Grand Prix, which is a professional go-kart race; and “Celebrate Downtown Lancaster,” which is a community event that takes place each summer and features street performers, family-friendly activities and includes a street fair and a Farmer’s Market.

Basic Facts About Lancaster

  • Current population: 157,000
  • Current mayor: R. Rex Parris
  • Total area: 94.5 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Los Angeles County
  • Founded in: 1884
  • Zip codes: 93534-93536, 93539, 93584
  • Area codes: 661

Auto Transport Tips to and from Lancaster

Lancaster proper sits northeast of Santa Clarita and southeast of Bakersfield, on the east side of the San Gabriel Mountains. Lancaster may be a part of Los Angeles County and the Greater Los Angeles Area, but it’s fairly removed.

This can make things more difficult for auto shippers to get to and from the area, and can create higher prices due to the area being so far away. To save money on your shipment, transporting your vehicle to Santa Clarita and then driving to Lancaster may be a better option.

Lancaster does connect to Interstate 5 via SR-14, which runs southwest out of the city and through Santa Clarita. This does make things easier for auto shippers to get to and from Lancaster, but like we mentioned above, it will still likely be cheaper to ship to Santa Clarita despite the connection to the Interstate. As I-5 passes right through Santa Clarita, this is generally where auto shippers suggest you ship your vehicle to or from when trying to ship into Lancaster.

With so much to do in Lancaster, the city has been booming, which has led to more and more people actually shipping to and from the area. On the whole auto transport prices to and from Lancaster have dropped in recent years as the population has continued to increase. This is great news for many people looking to transport their vehicles to and from the area, and it’s also easily accessible via Palmdale, Bakersfield and – as mentioned – Santa Clarita.

Local References

Lancaster Zip Codes Include:

93534,93535,93536, 93539, 93584

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