Fairfield 1Fairfield is the county seat of Solano County, California. Home to over 108,000 residents, it is slightly smaller than Vallejo. It is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, though it sits almost equidistant from both San Francisco and Sacramento, and is relatively close to other major cities in the area, including Oakland, Napa Valley, and smaller cities such as Vacaville and Rio Vista. Fairfield was originally controlled by the Spanish and did not really grow until the 1850’s, when the title for the land came into the hands of one Robert H. Waterman, who organized Fairfield and parceled the town out in 1856, and secured the county seat in Fairfield in 1858. Today, Fairfield is the home of the world headquarters for Jelly Belly, the jelly bean manufacturer, and is the home of Travis Air Force Base.

Basic Facts About Fairfield

  • Current population: 108,000 residents
  • Current mayor: Harry T. Price
  • Total area: 37.6 sq mi
  • Official website: http://www.fairfield.ca.gov/
  • Located in: Solano County
  • Founded in: 1840’s
  • Zip codes: 94533-4534
  • Area codes: 707

Tips for Auto Transport to and from Fairfield

Located equidistant from Sacramento and San Francisco certainly has its upsides, because it makes for a great pickup and delivery location between the two. Its location is also good for getting to and from areas such as Oakland and Berkeley, even Napa, which is located just 19 miles away. Fairfield is almost the focal point of the entire northeastern Bay Area, which is good for you because it generally means more auto shippers will be going in and out of there.

It also really helps that Interstate 80, the main east-west interstate servicing the Bay Area, runs right through Fairfield in a northeast-southwest orientation. This makes it even easier for carrier to get into and out of Fairfield, and makes it also easier for those that lined up their pickups and deliveries along the way from Sacramento to San Francisco and the rest of the bay area.

Talk to your auto transport representative about possibly moving your pickup to another location as well. Just because Fairfield is a central city in the area doesn’t necessarily mean that your driver is going to be able to take advantage of that; it may be possible to lower your prices by moving the vehicle to Sacramento, Oakland or San Francisco, depending on the route your driver is taking.

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