Burbank 1Burbank is a prominent suburb of Los Angeles, sitting roughly 12 miles northwest of downtown L.A. Home to over 103,000 residents, Burbank is known as the “Media Capital of the World” as it is home to either the headquarters or a significant part of The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Warner Bros. Music Group, Nickelodeon, NBC and Insomniac Games, to name a few.

Founded in roughly 1887, Burbank was a small agricultural community for a number of years, yet was the first to receive a telephone in the San Fernando Valley, and played host to several other firsts as well. Burbank also has strong ties to the aviation industry, being the area that Lockheed and Martin first setup their independent shops, later to merge into what today is known as Lockheed-Martin.

Basic Facts About Burbank

  • Current population: 103,000
  • Current mayor: David Gordon
  • Total area: 17.3 sq mi
  • Official website: http://www.burbankca.gov/
  • Located in: Los Angeles County
  • Founded in: 1887
  • Zip codes: 91501-91526
  • Area codes: 747, 818

Auto Transportation Tips to and from Burbank

Burbank is a popular auto transport location for several reasons, the main one being the fact that it is the self-proclaimed “Media Capital of the World.” This means that a lot of vehicles are moving in and out of Burbank for professional and commercial reasons, which immediately lowers the price. The area is a high-demand area of the Los Angeles Urban Area, which is good news for you if you’re moving into Burbank.

The city sits along Interstate 5, the main north-south interstate that runs through California. It connects to many of the east-west interstates including I-8 in San Diego, I-10 in Los Angeles, I-80 in Sacramento, and I-90 in Seattle, not to mention the smaller state routes that it intersects as well. This allows immediate access to a number of high-profile areas in the western U.S., which should also help the cause when shipping to Burbank.

Burbank can usually make for a good substitution for Los Angeles and other areas south of L.A. proper, namely because of it being in the northern area, especially if you’re shipping from Washington or Oregon.

Staying on I-5 is always good for carriers, but traffic through Los Angeles can be a nightmare; if they can drop off in Burbank, and get more freight there too (and it’s a good place to find freight going out), they’ll typically lower prices for customers going in there, which is good news for you.

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