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As far as states go, Arizona is certainly one of them. Home to over 7.1 million people statewide, it’s the 14th largest state in the U.S. by total population. With its largest city, Phoenix, home to over 1.6 million, it’s unsurprising that auto transport to and from Arizona is reasonably easy to find.

Of course, there is much to know about auto transport to and from Arizona. That’s what we’re going to tackle here. From the most populous cities in the state to the least popular places, we’ll discuss what makes auto transport services in Arizona both easy – and not so much.

A brief overview of Arizona

As mentioned, Arizona is the 14th largest state in the U.S. by population. This is important, as auto shippers like to run routes to and from major cities in big states. We also mentioned that Phoenix, the state’s largest city, is home to 1.6 million. That’s great – Phoenix is the most popular auto transport hub in the state.

Phoenix also anchors the Phoenix metropolitan area, which has several bedroom cities such as Glendale and Scottsdale. Other cities, such as Tucson and Flagstaff, are smaller yet still somewhat popular among customers. Tucson sits south of Phoenix, while Flagstaff is north, both accessible by interstate highways. Outside of those areas, though, Arizona is desert. It’s all desert, all the time. This makes it harder for carriers to get to rural areas – which we’ll touch on a bit further on. Overall, it’s best to find services to and from major cities when looking for auto transport to Arizona. It keeps prices lower and transit times faster.

How auto transporters get around Arizona

The main interstates carriers use to get around Arizona are I-10 and I-40, with two smaller interstates, I-8 and I-17. I-10 is the main east-west interstate servicing the Phoenix area and the main interstate carriers use. It runs from Los Angeles, California, clear east to Jacksonville, Florida, and passes through some of the most populated areas in the southern U.S.

I-40 sits further north and runs east-west as well. It services smaller cities such as Flagstaff and Kingsman. I-40 is more popular further east, but many carriers also use it to travel through Arizona, especially if they aren’t handling freight along I-10.

I-8 and I-17 are smaller interstates. I-8 runs from San Diego to just south of Phoenix, connecting with I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson. I-17 runs north out of Phoenix and connects it to Flagstaff and I-40.

These interstate highways are crucial for carrier companies. They use them to get around not just Phoenix but also Arizona in general, not to mention the rest of the southern United States. These interstate highways help keep prices lower and transit times faster as well. This is also great due to the increased demand for auto transport to and from Arizona in general.

Auto transport to major Arizona cities

The biggest and most popular auto transport location in Arizona is easily Phoenix. It’s not all that surprising; carriers like to go where their customers are. They like to stay on routes that keep them on major interstate highways through major U.S. cities. This makes sure that their trucks stay full and they have a steady supply of customers.

Arizona – particularly Phoenix and its suburbs – is becoming an ever-increasingly popular area to ship to in the winter months.If you’ve heard the term “snowbird” you know why. For those that don’t know, snowbirds are people who live in the north during the spring and summer, and in the south during the fall and winter. This gets them the best weather year-round without having to deal with too many extremes.

This is ine reason why Phoenix is popular – the other is simply its size. With cities that large, auto shippers are happy to travel through them if they’re already going that basic direction. Other cities, such as Tucson, are also easy to get to depending on how carriers approach entrance to the state. But regardless, auto transport to major Arizona cities should not be difficult to find.

Auto transport to rural Arizona

When people think of “rural” areas, most picture backwoods or farmland, dusty gravel roads and no civilization in sight. And for the most part that’s true. But many people don’t think of the desert as being “rural,” when it very much is. All of the problems that plague rural auto transport services in other states also are problems for rural Arizona cities.

Any city that is not easy to access or is not near major interstates will cost more to ship to. Rural auto transport services usually do cost more to complete regardless of the state. Luckily, most rural areas in Arizona aren’t too far from a major interstate.

It’ll likely be most expensive shipping to areas in northern Arizona, north of I-40 and Flagstaff. Between I-10 and I-40 will likely be a bit cheaper due to other cities nearby, particularly Phoenix. Of course, any small towns that sit along major interstate or even state highways shouldn’t be too much more, either.

Overall, auto transport to rural Arizona is going to cost more than shipping to urban areas of the state. But it shouldn’t be too much more unless you’re really in the middle of nowhere. Regardless, we can get you accurate prices to or from anywhere in Arizona.

The role weather and seasons play

Unlike other areas in the U.S., the weather in Arizona is pretty consistent – it’s sunny, a lot. It’s a desert, so it’s really not surprising. Of course, the state does see plenty of other weather, including rain and hail and even snow occasionally. None of these tend to cause issues when it comes to auto transportation services, though.

During the summer months, heat can cause issues with auto transport trucks. It’s not common, but on older trucks especially, the heat can actually result in engine overheats. This can result in carriers being forced to drive only at night, or even avoiding the area altogether.

Otherwise, though, auto transport to and from Arizona should not be much affected by the weather. Of course, nobody can predict the future, so we can’t say for certain there will never be weather-related delays or issues with shipping to the state. But as it stands right now, Arizona is one of the most consistent areas to ship to or from, at least from a “crazy weather” standpoint.

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