Alaska Auto TransportWhen you think of Alaska, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? If it’s snow, then you’re just like everyone else who has the wrong idea of what Alaska truly is. Sure, there’s a lot of snow, but what you don’t know is that Alaska is known for having some of the most beautiful wildlife and landscape around.

Did you know, too, that Alaska is the largest state in the Union in total area, yet ranks 47th out of all 50 states in terms of total population? Did you know that car shipping to Alaska has to be done overseas? There’s a lot to learn about Alaska and about shipping a car there, so keep reading.

A bit about vehicle shipping to Alaska

When we said that shipping a car to Alaska has to be done overseas, it’s true. There’s not a carrier in the United States that is willing to run routes to Alaska through Canada, not without charging you double or triple what you pay for going overseas. It’s a tax thing, honestly – a carrier that goes into Canada is taxed, and he’s taxed when he goes back into the U.S. Kind of a weird way to go, huh?

Instead, they just take your car to the port in Washington State and let the port shipper deal with it. Honestly that’s the right call because shipping through Canada – especially the northern ranges – isn’t fun. More importantly, it’s expensive. Overseas auto transport, though, is pretty easy and well-known. Port companies have gotten good at sending cargo overseas – humanity has only been doing it since before antiquity, after all. And while technology has changed, the basic means of getting goods across the water hasn’t. They use a great big boat.

Now, because of this, shipping times to Alaska are increased because you have to factor in the overland shipment too. When you ship to Alaska your broker will find a carrier in your area that can haul it to the port. That takes time. Once there, it has to wait at the port until the next available cargo ship is ready. That can take a week or two depending on when your car shows up at the port. Also, once it’s delivered in Alaska, you typically have to pick it up at the port yourself. If you’d rather find a company in Alaska that can ship it within state, you’ll have to search on your own.

Can I get quotes for auto transport to Alaska?

Alaska is a wonderful place to visit, but for some people it’s home. And it can be your home too. Just call 800-930-7417 or fill out one single form online and you’ll get a free quote to ship your vehicle right away. Far from driving on those icy roads through northwest Canada, your car will be safe and secure as you transition to the cold, beautiful world that is Alaska, thanks to starting your auto transport venture with American Auto Shipping.

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