Wyoming is a pretty neat place to live. If you’re looking for auto transport to this wonderful state, then here are some things you might want to know before packing up the family station wagon and shipping the sedan.

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The climate in Wyoming is cool, dry, and windy in comparison to most of the rest of the United States. Most of this, however, is due to the general layout of the state. Summers are typically warm, with temperatures around 85 degrees or so. In the winter, things cool off to around 50 degrees. In most of the state, the late spring and early summer is when a lot of the rain tends to fall. Winters are cold, but are variable with periods of cold (sometimes extreme) sprinkled between usually mild periods with the Wyoming winds providing unusually warm temperatures in some locations. The lower areas in the North and on the eastern plains typically average around 10-12 inches, while some of the other mountain areas do receive much rain at all, only on average 20 inches. However, much of it is snow, but as snow it can fall some 200 inches or more annually.

Interestingly, Wyoming was the location of the Johnson County War, which was fought between two large cattle operators as well as free-ranging interest groups. This was fought apparently because the new ranchers were moving in after the passing of the homestead act. But don’t worry about your auto transport plans, because, let’s face it…there’s no more homestead act!

Wyoming is known for its beautiful landscape. In fact, over six million people visited Wyomings national parks and monuments. The key attractions were the Grand Teton National ParkDevil’s Tower National Monument, and of course Yellowstone. How can anyone not like that geyser? Over half of the people who came to visit Wyoming for its parks visited Yellowstone National Park.

Agriculture has traditionally been a major part of Wyoming’s economic identity. While this has waned considerably, it is still one of the largest components of Wyoming’s economy, culture and lifestyle. The main commodities that Wyoming is known for is beef, hay, sugar beets, grains (mostly wheat and barley), and wool. 91 percent of land in Wyoming is classified rural, so if you’re looking for auto transport to get away from it all, Wyoming is your place.

Wyoming is a wonderfully beautiful place to visit, but it’s even better when you’re going to live there. If you’ve decided on vehicle shipping to Wyoming, or even from Wyoming, just call 800-930-7417 or fill out our online form and you’ll get an instant price immediately right on your screen. We know what it’s like to live in the outdoors (well, maybe not know, but we won’t make fun of you for it).

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