Mississippi is quite an interesting state. Full of nice people, good food, great culture, it’s no wonder you’re looking for auto transport over there. Here are some of the things about the state you might not know.

It’s bordered by Tennesse on the north, Alabama to the east, both Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Louisiana and Arkansas to the west. It’s kind of situated on top of Louisiana’s foot, so to speak. Some of the major rivers that flow through Mississippi are the Mississippi River (obviously), the Pearl River, the Yazoo River, and the Tombigbee River.

It also has some major natural lakes, such as the Ross Barnett Reservoir, the Sardis Lake and the Grenada Lake. The highest point in Mississippi is part of the foothills to the Cumberland Mountains, and it’s name just happens to be Woodall Mountian. This is odd, because it’s not technically a mountain, standing only 806 feet tall.

Most of Mississippi is actually part of the East Gulf Coastal Plain, and the rest is made of a section of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain. The former is composed mostly of low hills, like the Pine Hills, and the North Central Hills. Yellow-brown loess soil resides in the west, and a region of fertile soil (part of the Black Belt through the south) is actually in the northeast part of the state. This is nice if you’re a farmer looking for auto shipping due to the soil right?

The coastline of the state includes large bays at both Bay Saint Louis and Biloxi, as well as Pascagoula. However, these are separated from the Gulf of Mexico by the shallow Mississippi Sound, but the Delta that it feeds widens north of Vicksburg. Vicksburg was historical during the Civil War and was perhaps the turning point in the western campaign.

Ulysses S. Grant, during the dead of night, silently moved the Union Navy through the log-clogged Yazoo river past the high bluffs covered with Confederate cannon and got up on the high ridges surrounding the city. A siege was then issued, and for nearly six months the city held out until the commanding general surrendered. This effectively cut the South in half, cutting off everything west of the Mississippi and giving the Union control of the major waterway, allowing goods and supplies to safely move down the river.

Mississippi has a humid subtropical climate, characterized by long, humid summers and short winters. Temperatures vary little throughout the state during the summer, but in the winter the Mississippi Sound is generally warmer than the rest of the state.

Snow doesn’t fall often, but is not unheard of around the southern part of the state. One of the scariest things is that during the summer the state is prone to hurricanes. The biggest by far was Hurricane Katrina, causing widespread damage to Biloxi and the surrounding cities.

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