Are you interested in auto transport to and from Arkansas? If so, we can help! As one of the top car transport companies in the industry today, we understand what it takes to get a vehicle to or from anywhere in the United States. From major states like New York and Florida to less popular ones like Arkansas and Idaho, we can help you move your vehicle.

However, it’s important to understand what to expect with auto transport to and from Arkansas. The state itself ranks only 34th in the U.S. in terms of total population, and its largest city, Little Rock, is only home to 204,000 people. This results in lower demand for car shipping services from customers.

As a result, Arkansas typically sees fewer trucks traveling through it, which can increase the wait time to find a carrier. That said, there are still plenty of trucks servicing the state, as with every state. Read on to learn more about auto transport to and from Arkansas and how American Auto Shipping can help you get your vehicle moved at a great price.

A brief overview of Arkansas

We’ve already mentioned how Arkansas’ largest city is Little Rock, home to just over 204,000 residents. The state itself, however, is home to 3.3 million total residents. So it’s no surprise that auto shippers go to a lot of different parts of the state, depending on where their customers need them to go.

The main transportation hub – really, the main hub of the state in general – is Little Rock, its capital and largest city. Located in the middle of the state, it is by far the most popular transportation location in Arkansas. Of course, it is not the only popular auto transport location in Arkansas, but it is by far the most popular, and usually the cheapest to ship to and from.

Though the state has a lot of diverse geography, it’s really not all that populated. It has a lot of towns, but they’re spread out, and actual population centers and metro areas are few and far between. This impacts auto transportation prices and services, but we’ll get to those in a bit.

How auto transporters get around Arkansas

Auto transporters like to stick to major interstate highways to get around the country. Interstates offer the highest speed limits and the most direct routes to major metropolitan areas. The main interstate that services the state of Arkansas is I-40, which runs east-west through the middle of the state. This interstate is the main one connecting Little Rock to the rest of the country.

But I-40 is not the only interstate that runs through Arkansas. Others include I-30, which runs southwest out of Little Rock toward the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This one is used heavily by auto shippers as Dallas is one of the most popular auto transport locations in the country. There is also I-55, which runs out of Memphis, Tennessee, just across the eastern border, and up through the northeastern edge of Arkansas. I-55 runs north through Saint Louis and up to Chicago, making it a great way for carriers to get north out of Arkansas.

The last one to talk about is I-49, which runs north out of Fort Smith and its junction with I-40 on the western border. This interstate runs up to Bentonville and further north into Missouri, finally terminating in Kansas City. All of these interstates see at least a modicum of auto transportation traffic, which helps keep prices and transit times down.

Auto transport to major Arkansas cities

As mentioned, Little Rock is the largest city in the state. It’s also the main auto transport location for most customers and carriers that transport to and from Arkansas. So it’s not surprising that auto transport to Little Rock is easier than other areas of Arkansas. This is especially true of rural areas.

But there’s also Fort Smith, which also sits along I-40 on the western border of the state. Fort Smith is another major city in the state that sees competitive auto transportation prices because of the interstate. Carriers traveling through the middle parts of the country often go through Fort Smith if they’re traveling along I-40, making it easy for them to pickup and deliver in.

Other than that, though, there really aren’t any more major cities in Arkansas. The rest of the state tends to be fairly rural, as much of the southern United States tends to be. We’ll discuss rural Arkansas auto transport services below.

Auto transport to rural Arkansas

Rural is the name of the game for most people living in Arkansas. Though there are some smaller metro areas dotted across the state, most of them are accessible only via state highways and not major interstates. This results in higher prices and, typically, longer wait times for pickup for shipments to and from those areas.

Rural transportation services cost more because fewer carriers want to travel to rural areas. They will, of course, so long as the price is right. But that’s the thing – the price is rarely right for customers for rural shipping. If you need to ship rural, the price is what it is. But if you can get your pickup or delivery location to a larger city, that’s usually going to save you some time and money.

This is especially true for Arkansas, which only has Fort Smith and Little Rock, really, as popular locations for carriers. And both of those sit along I-40. So shipments from the south or the north tend to be more expensive per mile even if they’re going to those cities. We highly recommend talking to a representative if you’re shipping to or from a rural location in Arkansas. They can give you tips on saving time and money if you need it.

The role weather and seasons play

As a southern state, the weather in Arkansas is usually pretty nice for auto shippers. Rain and sun are easy – it’s the snow and ice that’s hard for truckers to handle. Luckily, Arkansas doesn’t deal with that too much, especially in the southern parts of the state. There are some mountainous areas that might see some of that wintry weather, but on the whole, it should be smooth sailing throughout the year.

Well, for the most part. Inclement weather can impact shipments to, from, and through Arkansas. Tornadoes are common in the state, as are massive thunder and hail storms that can damage vehicles and other property. When these hit carriers often seek shelter and wait for the storms to pass, which can delay pickup, transit, and delivery.

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