The Biggest Little City in the world, Reno NV, is one of America’s most treasured cities, located in the southern part of the state, almost touching the state of California. With a population of 215,000 people, Reno is labeled as the third largest city in Nevada, following Las Vegas, a similar city just north of Reno.  Close to Lake Tahoe, Reno is a great place to take the family for a day at the lake and a night on the town for parents.

A brief over look of Reno’s history and you can see the decades of families calling this southern region of Nevada their home. Starting from humble beginnings in 1868 when officially becoming a city in the United States, Reno became the county seat for Washoe City.

From there Reno has been known for its political influences as well as a large mining boom arriving on the scene in the early twentieth century, still holding claim to the third largest gold producer in the world. The legalization of gambling in the state of Nevada in 1931 created the casino boom that hit both Reno and Las Vegas, turning them into entertainment capitols that we still cherish today.

The climate in Reno is noticeably different in Reno than it is for their sister city Las Vegas, as it is lower in the state and sits in the rain shadow of the Sierras. While the winters are far from Blizzards and snowmen, there is still snowfall, albeit light in the winter months.  Summers are still harsh, with the record for heat reaching an almost 110 degrees Fahrenheit, so those susceptible to heat related health issues should take a seat in the shade.

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Reno Zip Codes Include:

89501, 89502, 89503, 89504, 89505, 89506, 89507, 89508, 89509, 89510, 89511, 89512, 89513, 89515, 89519, 89520, 89521, 89523, 89533, 89555, 89557, 89570, 89595, 89599

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