Huntsville is home to just over 130,000 people, and lies in a region that is home to over half a million people. It’s the largest city in its region, and it has a very unique history. Originally founded as Twickenham, it was settled by John Hunt who built a log cabin in the middle of what would become Huntsville. It was renamed after the War of 1812 to commemorate John Hunt, and has been growing ever since.

The city was incorporated in 1811, its founding is celebrated as being in 1805, and in 2005 the city held its bicentennial. It was once a temporary home of the Alabama state capital, before it was moved to Montgomery, and during the Civil War Montgomery acted as an important railroad hub, though it fell in late 1862.

After the war, Huntsville became a center for textile mills, and many towns (called “Mill Towns”) sprang up around the time. Growth, however, was slow; by 1940, Huntsville was still a small city, home to just 13,000 inhabitants. World War II changed that; the construction of Redstone Arsenal, a huge complex of munitions plants, paved the way for major growth.

After the war ended, Redstone Arsenal became the site for the United States’ missile research program, which would evolve into the US space program. The city’s factories built the Saturn V rocket, used mainly by the Apollo program, and led the way in research and development for military-grade rockets during the Cold War.

Huntsville’s climate is typical of what you’d find in Alabama: hot in the summer, cooler in the winter, but never too hot or too cold. The average high during the summer is only around 88 degrees, and during the winter it averages around 38 degrees.

While it doesn’t experience full-blown hurricanes, many tropical storms or remnants of major hurricanes pass over the city, sometimes causing minor damage to some buildings, and it has been known to experience its fair share of tornadoes (though these come and go and typically are not common).

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35801, 35802, 35803, 35804, 35805, 35806, 35807, 35808, 35809, 35810, 35811, 35812, 35813, 35814, 35815, 35816, 35824, 35893, 35894, 35895, 35896, 35897, 35898, 35899

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