Chattanooga is known as “The Scenic City,” and is located in Hamilton County (and is actually the county seat thereof); it is the fourth largest city in the state of Tennessee after Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville.

The city was formed in 1816 as Ross’ Landing, but the name was changed soon afterwards. It was a stop on the Trail of Tears, the path that the US Government made the Cherokee Indians take during their removal to Oklahoma, and the city hosted several major battles during the Civil War.

The city became a major rail hub for the southern states after the war, helping many cities overcome the struggles of Reconstruction, and it continues to serve as a major transportation and freight center.

The city is characterized by long summers and cool, short winters, and during the summer months the average high is typically right around 85 degrees. Overnight lows for the city stay right around 60 degrees, while in the winter temperatures drop considerably, with average highs staying around 33 degrees and the lows dropping well below freezing.

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