Bend is a city in Oregon and the de facto metropolitan area in central Oregon, thanks mainly to the low population density in the region. It holds the county seat of Deschutes County, and as of 2008, the estimated population was over 80,000.

Bend started out as a logging town, being incorporated in 1905. Much of the Ponderosa Pine forest was logged during the city\’s formative years, but the area wasn\’t known to anyone outside of local Native Americans until 1824, when it was mapped by John Fremont and his company. Not long afterward, Deschutes County was formed, and after its formation Bend was selected as the county seat, which it still holds.

Because of its location in the desert, Bend\’s climate is characterized by hot days and cold nights. During the summer months the average high is around 85 degrees, with nighttime lows dipping to around 40 or so. During the winter months, things cool considerably, with average high temperatures rarely above 50 degrees and lows frequently dropping below the freezing point.

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