Bangor is the county seat of Penobscot County, Maine, and is the cultural and commercial center for many parts of the state of Maine. As of 2007, the city’s population was 31,000 and it was the third largest city in Maine, a status that it has enjoyed for over a century, and is still considered a lumber capital due to its many forests and logging enterprises.

The city was founded in 1769, not long before the American Revolution broke out, and fighting was limited beyond New England, leaving the new upstart city of Bangor relatively unscathed, and by the time the 19th century rolled around the city was known for its vast lumber mills. It was a hotbed for anti-slavery activity, and one of the state’s congressmen helped form the Republican Party in the late 1850’s. Today, the city is known for its tourism and beautiful forests, and is a vacation spot for many celebrities.

The city lies in a humid subtropical climate zone, characterized by hot, humid summers and cold, blustery winters. July is typically the hottest month, with temperatures getting as high as 92 degrees, while dropping down to the low 70’s overnight. During the winter, temperatures peak at around 50 or so, with lows dropping around 29 degrees in the colder parts of the season.

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