Gillette is a city in as well as the county seat of Campbell County, Wyoming. Home to a population of over 31,800 residents, Gillette is the fourth-largest city in the state of Wyoming by population and one of the fastest-growing cities in the entire state.

Much of the city’s recent growth is due to the presence of coal, oil and coal-bed methane gas; dubbed the “Energy Capital of the Nation” by its residents, Gillette’s economy today is based heavily around natural resource extraction and energy production, particularly coal, of which it supplies the vast majority of coal exported from Wyoming.

Gillette was first formed during the years when Wyoming was still a territory, though it was incorporated in 1892, less than two years after Wyoming officially became a U.S. state. Growth initially was slow, at least until the construction of Interstate 90 through the area.

This spurred growth in Gillette during the mid-20th century, much as the railroads did in the 19th century, bringing new residents and economic opportunities to the area. It was not, however, until the early 21st century that Gillette saw substantial growth as a city, a trend that continues through to today.

During the summer months is usually when you’re going to have the easiest time shipping into or out of Gillette, since it’s not a popular shipping location – pretty much all of Wyoming is unpopular with shippers and customers both, so many auto transport companies don’t include it in their list of routes they service.

But if summer shipping services are hard to find, winter shipping is even more difficult, as temperatures rarely get above freezing as the high temp and often fall down into the low teens and even single digits overnight. Snow is also fairly common in the area during the winter months, so keep an eye on the weather report as snow and ice can cause delays and higher auto transport prices to or from Gillette.

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