Annapolis is a city in as well as the county seat of Anne Arundel County, Maryland, of which it is also the capital. Home to over 38,300 residents, Annapolis is not one of the largest cities in the state, but its location 25 miles south of Baltimore and 30 miles east of Washington, D.C. put it firmly in the Baltimore-Washington, DC Metropolitan Statistical Area, one of the largest on the east coast.

Annapolis was the site of a Continental Congress meeting in 783-1784 and was also the site of the 1786 Annapolis Convention, which was where state leadership called for the Constitutional Convention – the convention that ultimately produced the U.S. Constitution, the framework of our government today.

Annapolis was a sleepy village from its founding in the mid-17th century, but the 18th century saw Annapolis rise as a major political and administrative area, a busy port of entry for the British colonies, as well as a center of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, which boomed during the 18th century until it was abolished by the U.S. Constitution in 1808.

After the end of the Revolutionary War, Annapolis was a temporary capital of the U.S. government. Over the course of the 19th century, Annapolis remained relatively small, and during the 20th century saw expanded growth. It celebrated its 300th year in 2008.

During the summer months, average daily highs in Annapolis tend to reach into the low-to-mid 80’s during the day and only drop down into the upper 60’s overnight – in other words, summers tend to be warm and mild.

This is great when shipping into or out of Annapolis during the summer, as it tends to keep prices down, but winter shipping is when the trouble starts due to the weather – at least in a lot of northern areas. Luckily, average highs in Annapolis tend to be in the 50’s, while overnight lows usually drop down into the mid-to-upper 30’s.

Snow is fairly rare, though it’s not entirely uncommon, which means you may want to keep an eye on the weather, but it likely won’t affect your shipping services too much.

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