Allentown is a city located in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, and is the third largest city in the state after Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. It has a total population of just over 106,000, and also serves as the county seat of Lehigh County. Allentown is in a unique place; it is only 60 miles north of Philadelphia, the nation’s 6th largest city, and 90 miles west of New York City, the nation’s largest city.

It was founded in 1762 when it was bought as part of a 5,000-acre deal; the buyer built his summer home in what would eventually become the city, and it began to attract settlers to the region. In 1811, the city was incorporated as a borough of Philadelphia.

It played a prominent role in the American Industrial Revolution as well as the American Civil War, manufacturing munitions and clothing for the Union forces. The trend of industrial growth continued into the early 20th century, but Allentown’s economy is now primarily based on service-based services.

Summers in the city, like much of the rest of the state, are hot and muggy, while winters typically are cold and blustery. Average highs in the summer peak at around 85 degrees, while lows can drop to the low-to-mid 60’s. During the winter months things cool down considerably, with average highs topping out around 40 degrees and lows frequently below freezing.

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18101, 18102, 18103, 18104, 18105, 18106, 18109, 18195