Bismarck 1Knowing how auto transport quotes are constructed and how they work in context of getting you reliable auto transportation services is an important aspect of the car shipping industry.

Knowledge is power, something we repeat quite often on our website, and being in the know – especially about something as enigmatic as the vehicle shipping industry – will make your shipment easier for you and give you more power to deal with some of the…ahem…underhanded tactics that some companies use – even the legitimate ones.

Mainly it has to do with the quotes they send you, which is why we’re going to give you the lowdown on how auto transport companies build their quotes, the way they try to get your business, and basically why they operate the way they do. So read ahead and find out more about one of the most crucial parts of the car shipping industry: the car shipping quote.

1. The price you see is just an estimate.
Auto transport companies send their quotes out and try to make it out like that’s going to be the price you pay. In many instances it is; on many routes, there is really no reason for the auto transportation company to raise or lower the price.

They work hard on keeping up on prices in the industry, but with tens of thousands of routes out there, all of them priced differently, it can be hard to keep up. Popular routes tend to be priced better than others, FYI, and you can talk to a representative for more information about that. With other companies your quote is just an estimate. But with us, the quote you get will be the price to ship your vehicle. We have various pricing tiers to best fit your needs as well.

2. If you leave a phone number, you will get phone calls.
This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people think that just because they give a phone number doesn’t give the companies that got said phone number the right to call. This is especially true if you get multiple quotes to ship your vehicle. We recommend you actually answer your phone and speak to agents and take some time to get information and at least connect with shippers. That way, they’re less likely to bug you trying to get you on the phone.

3. Carriers will hound you if they don’t hear from you.
This is a complaint we hear frequently: a customer filled out an online quote request form, got their quotes, ignored them for whatever reason, then got mad when they got follow up quotes and phone calls.

The car shipping industry is incredibly competitive,and auto transportation companies need your business. Every one of them does. This means that they’re going to resort to calling you over and over if you don’t pick up the phone, or sending you follow-up after follow-up in an attempt to talk to you, and they’re legally allowed to until you tell them to stop. To prevent this, take some time to talk to the different shipping companies, and if you settle on one let the rest of them know that they can’t get a sale out of you.

4. There are few regulations for auto transport quotes – or the industry in general.
Something that many people don’t understand is that the auto transport industry is notoriously under-regulated. That doesn’t mean it’s a terrible industry fraught with peril; it just means you need to be a bit more cautious when hiring an auto shipping company as opposed to buying a TV from WalMart.

Auto transport quotes don’t need to have anything in them at all, and can have anything whatsoever in them to boot. So when you get your quotes, don’t be surprised if some of them say something along the lines of “call us for your estimate” – they’re sales tactics, and while the best companies (and those that you’ll get quotes from if you fill out our form) will give you a price, some will not, and will force you to call for it. These companies suck.

If you’re interested in avoiding that hassle and getting a free quote to transport your vehicle, take a minute to fill out our quote form. You’ll get an actual price – not an estimate – to ship your vehicle. All quotes we give out are 100% free, and there’s no obligation to book or anything. You can also contact us at 800-930-7417 to speak to a representative. They can give you a quote over the phone, answer questions, and even book your order if you’re ready to take that step.