Can I expect a discount from an American auto shipping company?

Auto Shipping DiscoutAuto transport companies offer all sorts of different discounts. Which discounts they give depend on which company you’re talking to. When considering booking with any auto shipping company, a good idea is to ask them if they have any special discounts, especially if you’re shipping on a budget.

Carriers give out discounts for a variety of different reasons; for instance, many shippers give discounts for shipping more then one car at a time, known as multi-car discounts. Many companies also offer military discounts for their customers who have served in the nation’s military.

Shipping your car in the winter months tends to be cheaper then shipping your car in the summer months on regularly traveled routes, so some companies will offer winter shipping discounts along popular routes. Some may also offer you a discount if you book your vehicle farther in advance, giving them more time to book your vehicle with a hauling truck.

Any discount given is completely up to the auto shipping company giving it, so keep that in mind. Sometimes you will have to create your own reason to qualify for a discount on your auto shipment. You could become a member of a company like American Automobile Association (AAA), the auto club, and then book your automobile shipment.

So should I plan ahead if I want an auto shipping discount?

Definitely! Another way to get an auto shipping discount is to ask the company what it is that you can do to get a discount from them. Sometimes a company is looking for any reason to give you a discount so that they can make the sale.

You could suggest for example that if you pay with a check instead of a credit card and ask the company to pass the savings to you with an auto shipping discount! There are many ways to go about talking to an auto transporter about a discount – at the end of the day, the most important thing to them is your business, so they’re out to save you money in the long run.

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