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American Auto Shipping Announces it’s Newest Car Shipping Cost Calculator

Operational as of August 1st, 2020

This industry-changing technology is an algorithm that looks at nearly Five Hundred (500) data points in real-time to give you the true final price to ship your vehicle the week you need it shipped instantly!  The algorithm not only looks at available listings and recent shipments, it looks at past pickup times, and days.  It looks at your vehicle and other vehicles on your route that have moved fast or slow on your route historically. It looks at seasonal routes like snowbirds and accounts for supply and demand. It adjusts for big weather events and road closures in real-time.
In the end, our price to ship your vehicle will be the cheapest as most other companies can only look at a few data points and our auto transport price calculator looks at almost five hundred (500) in real-time. Many companies have to quote higher to be safe or less scrupulous ones guess low and then ask you for more money later.  We found our customers want to know upfront when they hire us what the price to ship their vehicle is going to be with no surprises or hidden fees later, so that is our business model.  Please fill out our auto transport price quote now, or phone us at 800-930-7417 and we will do it for you!

How does American Auto Shipping Compare to other Top Auto Transport Companies

like Sherpa Auto Transport, Montway Auto Transport or Ship a Car Direct?

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Recent Auto Transport Reviews

Read what some of our customers have to say about their recent car shipping experience with American Auto Shipping
Brian Menendez

Google Review

They knocked it out the park!!!!!! They were awesome from beginning to end! Lots on my mind when moving. Kirshana and Mike were awesome!!! They made my two car transferring very and have me and my family peace of mind.

First time shipping my vehicle from NM to OH, they made it easy, the pick and drop off was smooth. The travel time was great. Very glad to have used their services.
Max Turcios

Google Review


CA -> AZ

Transport Reviews

I was nervous about choosing someone because I have never done this before. Andrew was not only very friendly but walked me through the whole successful procedure. The price was reasonable for an enclosed delivery.

What Happens From Pickup to Drop Off?

(And What you Should not Forget to do)

  1. Before pickup you will hear from the driver that was assigned to your vehicle at the time of dispatch. They will schedule final times to arrive at your door (or as close to it as they can get).
  2. Once the carrier arrives and before the car is loaded you will want to do the full inspection of your vehicle. They will use a form or many of the companies are now using an APP but either way, you need to go around the vehicle and note any damage to the vehicle. You will want to be sure that pictures are taken of all 4 sides of the vehicle and the top along with pictures on the interior and the odometer showing the current mileage.
  3. Your vehicle will now be loaded and on the way to your destination.

What Happens in Between?

1) Along the way is where delays can happen. This can happen for multiple reasons due to weather conditions, mechanical issues with the carrier, and other unforeseeable or uncontrollable circumstances. While it is rare these things can happen. The transport time is typically based on the carrier being able to travel 400-500 miles per day. Also, note that a lot of the carriers are transporting many cars with yours on the carrier and there can be situations where a pickup or delivery is closed or a scheduled time for someone else's vehicle has to change and can affect the overall timeline of all the deliveries. The carriers will usually account for this on booking and give themselves some cushion but longer delays can happen.

What happens at Delivery?

1) Carriers will typically call a day ahead of schedule when they have narrowed down the delivery window and make arrangements with you for time and location as close to your house as they can get.

2) Once the vehicle has been unloaded then you need to be sure to do the delivery inspection. Go around the whole vehicle again and take pictures on all 4 sides and the top, check the interior for any damages, and make sure there are no major fluctuations to the mileage on the odometer. Note any damages on the BOL. This must be done or you CANNOT file a claim for damages with the carrier’s insurance.

3) Congratulations you now have your vehicle!

Our Vehicle Shipping Process

  • 1

    Get Quote

    Get an instant car shipping estimate for your transport by filling out the form above or calling us 24/7 at (800) 930-7417.

  • 2

    Place Order

    If you like our car shipping estimate, place your auto transport order online, or call us and talk to one of our car shipping specialists to complete your order.

  • 3

    Schedule Pickup

    We will reserve your vehicle a place on one of our auto transport carriers. We provide you with the drivers name, phone # and pickup/delivery dates via phone and email.

  • 4

    Move Vehicle

    Our carrier will transport your vehicle. The driver will call to make an appointment 4 to 24 hours in advance of the pickup and delivery day to ensure availability.

Why Choose American Auto Shipping

Shipping Cars Since 1999

We have been a trusted resource for auto transport for over 20 years, and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We know what we're doing, and it shows.

Car Wash

Receive a FREE car wash, interior included. Up to $20 per vehicle will be paid for the car wash. Simply have your car washed and take a picture of the receipt and email it to your rep and we will mail your check within 5 days.

Instant Transport Quotes

Fill out our auto transport rate calculator to get an instant quote for your shipping needs. There is no obligation, it takes less than three minutes.

Personal Concierge

Get access to a personal contact that will be in touch from the time you get your car shipping quote, until your vehicle is delivered safely in your hands at the destination.

Locked-In Pricing

The price we show you using our calculator is the price you pay for your auto transport. Get your car shipped at a reliable price, from a reliable company.

Rental Car

Free rental car for any excessively delayed shipments.

Ship Anything, Anywhere

All Wheels Welcome

We can ship a car, motorcycle or anything on wheels to anywhere in the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii and all United States territories. Call to place your order today!


Call us 24/7 at (800) 930-7417 to speak to an auto transport representative who can answer any questions you have. We also offer discount transportation services so don't hesitate to ask if you qualify for one.

How much does it cost to ship my car?

Pricing Factors

The cost to ship a car is calculated on various factors, and those can fluctuate based on time of year or market conditions. A few more factors that influence your auto transport price are the size and type of vehicle, open auto transport vs enclosed, and and transport distance. Give us a call for more transportation information.

Get Your Quote Now

Get more info on the cheapest way to ship a car.

Size & Type of Vehicle

The size and type of your vehicle influences your auto transport price. Larger vehicles are heavier (trucks, vans) than a typical car, and as a result, can cost more.

Open vs Enclosed

Transporting your car on an open carrier is cheaper, because it is more widely available across our fleet. Most people use open auto transport for the savings.

Transport Distance

The further the vehicle has to go, the more expensive it will be. Cross country auto transport is the most expensive. To save on distance, consider taking delivery in a nearby big city to save a few bucks.

Learn More About Auto Transport

In our industry, there are two types of auto shipping companies: Carriers & Brokers.

Brokers vs. Carriers

When looking for a car shipping company, it’s best to stick to brokers, as they are the ones that will actually organize your shipment and handle all the money and paperwork. Not only that, brokers tend to keep transport prices lower, and here’s why: in our industry, auto transport carriers basically set the prices. They are in control of how much the shipping service ends up costing, and if they had their way, you would be paying thousands of dollars per car shipped. As a top transportation company, we understand what it takes to get your vehicle moved at a competitive rate.

Brokers Keep Your Costs Low

Brokerages, however, keep car shipping prices low by being competitive with one another. Since most carriers must take car transport loads from brokerages, they won’t price gouge customers because a customer can just go with a different broker. Finding good auto shippers starts with car shipping quotes; from there, you book your order with a broker and the broker will then find a good carrier to transport your vehicle.

What Can I Transport?

American Auto Shipping focuses on shipping cars, trucks and SUVs, but we can move more than just those. Always check with us. as we ship oversized vehicles such as vans, dual wheel trucks, box trucks, and even larger vehicles on flatbeds and lowboys. Make sure that you have the dimensions of any oversize vehicle available that you want to ship, as we will require the dimensions before giving you a quote. Usually the length, height, width and weight of the vehicle moved are required for your auto transport. Call us to get a quote or reserve your shipment today.

What Is A Carrier?

Some auto shippers are known as carriers. These companies are the companies that actually transport the vehicle on their own trucks. Other auto transport companies are known as brokerages, and they are the ones that will be arranging the vehicle transport between you and the carrier. When you fill out our free instant online car shipping quote request form, you will receive an estimate of how much it will be to ship your vehicle on one of our carriers. All our carriers are fully insured for $750,000. Carriers are required by federal law to carry 0,000 worth of insurance on their truck to cover any and all damages that are caused by the driver or theft during car transport.

Go National Instead of Local

Searching for a nationwide auto transportation company will always yield better results on price. It may be tempting to do a search for car transport companies in your area, but the reality is that the best car shipping companies work nationwide, can ship your car cross country and almost always will be based somewhere other than where you are. Nationwide companies, like us, are also able to offer great deals compared to local movers.

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