Auto Transport Quotes: Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla 1The Toyota Corolla was first released to the general public in 1966; since then, it has become one of the most iconic cars in modern history and became the best-selling car in the world in 1974, and the best-selling nameplate in the world in in 1997. Currently in its eleventh generation, it is one of the longest-running vehicle lineups not only for Toyota, but also for any other manufacturer, and models are currently produced in thirteen different countries including the United States, Vietnam, South Africa and Venezuela. The new Corolla currently comes in four different models, each offering multiple engine and transmission configurations; the base price for the highest-priced Corolla is just $21,300. You can learn more about the Corolla here.

Shipping a Toyota Corolla is about as easy as…well, shipping any other type of subcompact car. The Corolla is one of the smallest vehicles that Toyota makes, aside from maybe the Yaris, so it’s not surprising that it’s priced at the low end of Toyota’s lineup. Its size means you that, come auto transport time, you won’t have to worry about paying extra for its size; as a subcompact car, the Corolla is the type of car that auto shippers want to ship, as it costs the least to do so. Its size and weight are some of the lowest of any standard vehicle on the road today, which makes it a breeze for auto shippers to move. It’s not heavier than a sport utility vehicle or longer than a pickup truck; in fact, it sets the standard for auto transport prices, which means that your Corolla pretty much is the base price for auto transport.

So your shipment will be about as cheap as it can be; this is great news for you because the pickup and delivery cities are going to really determine your price. The further away the two are, the more it’ll cost, and if your pickup and delivery locations are geographically isolated that’ll likely drive the price up too. But your auto shipper will let you know of all that when you first book your order and get your prices, and you can mitigate these costs a bit by moving your pickup or delivery locations to major metro areas, or on the outskirts of them anyway, as auto transporters prefer running routes to and from densely populated areas because that’s where their customers tend to be and that’s where they’re able to make the most money. For more information about shipping a Corolla, click here; you can also fill out our free online quote request form to get multiple free quotes e-mailed to you and you can call our toll-free telephone number to speak to one of our live auto transport representatives today.

Household Moving Tips to Boston

Boston, MA

Boston is the largest city in the state of Massachusetts and is home to over 636,000 in the city proper and 4.5 million in Greater Boston, the city’s surrounding metropolitan area. It is one of the oldest cities in the United States and the largest city in New England – as such, it is one of the most popular household moving locations in the country. Shipping all your worldly possessions to anywhere can be stressful, particularly if you’re trying to get into an area that is naturally difficult for large moving vans to access. Boston, like many major cities, has quite a few areas that movers cannot get their trucks into; this makes it difficult for anyone moving their goods, but the good thing is that there are ways to get your stuff into your home without the moving van having to break any laws.

The way they do it is they use a local moving shuttle to take your goods from the moving van to your home. Most moving vans are 53′ semi-trucks with trailers attached; naturally, getting down windy, narrow streets in something that large is near-impossible. Therefore, they’ll drop your goods off at a warehouse on the edge of town and have a smaller moving truck take your household goods to wherever it is you need them to go. Specific addresses, of course, are a must, and your moving company will make sure that they can’t get to where you’re needing your stuff taken before they actually drop your goods off at the warehouse to be transferred to the local moving van. Many long-distance haulers will contract with local movers across the country in order to get this done, and any price hikes that come with it will be included.

Of course, when you’re shipping your household goods from one city to another it’s going to be expensive, so make sure to budget accordingly. It also takes time; at least a week more than auto transport, on average, so make sure you give yourself the time you need too. If you’re looking for household moving quotes, you can fill out the form on this page; you can also read the articles about household moving there too, and you’ll be able to get some good information that will help you in your household move. For free auto transport quotes as well, just fill out the form on our homepage (or almost any other page, really) and you’ll get quotes for shipping your vehicle as well.

Auto Transport Tips: Some Tips on RV Transportation

RV 5Shipping an RV, or recreational vehicle, is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Recreational vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, from full-size conversion vans to small travel trailers to giant motor homes that are 48′ long. No matter what type of RV you’re shipping, challenges come with the concept, and in this blog post we’ll go over some of the things that you can do to make it easier on yourself when shipping your recreational vehicle. We’ll focus on travel trailers and motor homes in this one – conversion vans are still full-size vans, which means most standard carriers can handle them with ease as they aren’t incredibly large.

The biggest difference between travel trailers and motor homes is that trailers have to be towed while motor homes have an attached cab with an engine house – it can drive itself. These are the harder of the two to ship, as their long stature, high ride height and sheer weight make them unable to fit on most carriers. Of course, travel trailers suffer from the same thing, but they can’t be driven under their own power so they need something towing them. Travel trailer shipment is usually done that way – someone will hitch it to the back of their truck and tow it. Motor homes have to be loaded onto a flatbed hauler, usually a long one. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time and a robust budget when shipping your RV – it’s an expensive and time-consuming task. Normally we recommend at least a week of lead time for your shippers between when you book and when you want it picked up; we recommend doubling or even tripling that for a motor home or travel trailer.

Note please that it takes time to find a carrier that has the capability of hauling a travel trailer or a motor home because they aren’t commonly seen on a transport rig. The expense comes from the size and weight – they take up a lot of room and cost carriers a lot more than a standard car or truck in fuel, so keep that in mind. Is it doable? Of course. But you need to be aware that it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg more like than not and that it’s going to take two to four weeks to ship. For free quotes, you can fill out our online quote request form or give us a call at our toll-free number to have questions answered and quotes given to you absolutely free.

Auto Transport Routes: Portland to Portland

Portland 1Yes, you read that title right – in this week’s edition of our “Auto Transport Routes” blog series, we’ll be talking about the route connecting the two biggest “Portland’s” together, and it’s a long route – almost 3,200 miles. Portland, Oregon is the largest city in Oregon and Portland, Maine is the largest in Maine, yet their population differences are staggering; the Oregon Portland has over 583,000, while the one in Maine has just 66,000 – that’s a big difference. While it helps that both cities are the largest in their respective states, the size of Maine’s Portland is quite smaller than Oregon’s, and that’s what can make the route more difficult to find carriers willing to run on – that, and the fact that it’s roughly 3,200 miles.

Auto transporters prefer routes that connect major metro areas together, and Portland, Maine is not really considered a major metro area. But then again, it’s still the largest city in Maine, so it has that going for it. Auto shippers running an east-west route will likely take I-84 into Salt Lake City out of Portland, Oregon; from there they can catch I-80 and that’ll take them through cities like Cheyenne, Wyoming; Omaha, Nebraska; Des Moines, Iowa; Chicago, Illinois; and Cleveland, Ohio, among others, before they can catch I-90 out of Cleveland. I-90 will get them close to Boston, where they can catch I-95 all the way into Portland, Maine. The route itself isn’t all that complicated, though there’s a lot of factors (like other customers at different pickup and delivery locations) that can alter your carrier’s route. The one we described is just the fastest from A to B, and doesn’t take into account your carrier’s schedule.

Portland 2If you’re interested in shipping your vehicle from Portland to Portland, you need to understand that cross-country shipments can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks depending on the route. Portland to Portland will also likely be more expensive than, say, Los Angeles to New York City, which is roughly the same distance but the latter cities are much larger than the ones described in this post. Unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to move your vehicle to a larger metro area around Portland, considering they’re both the largest cities in the state. But that won’t matter too much – winter shipping may also raise the price, but it is what it is. Patience will be required on a route like this, is what we’re saying. If you’re looking for quotes, fill out our free online form; you’ll get the best quotes from some of the best shippers in the industry. It’s that simple.

What Discounts Are Available for Shipping my Car?

Portland 3When it comes to transporting an automobile there are quite a few discounts that auto transport companies will give you if you meet certain requirements. Auto transportation is expensive, and while discounts really don’t help a whole lot in mitigating the cost, they do help when it comes to paying your auto transport company. Many auto shippers provide discounts for a variety of reasons, but the one thing they all have in common is the fact that they give them to try to get more customers. Discounts work as sales tactics, and you’d be surprised at how well they work. But they’re still discounts, and discounts are always good, so we’ve compiled some of the most common auto transport discounts for your viewing pleasure.

One of the most common ones is the multi-car discount; we talked about that a bit in our last blog post in this series. Basically, you get money off per-vehicle when you ship more than one, often as not. This is one of the most common discounts. Of course, there’s student discounts and senior citizen discounts, which are great for people who are trying to get to college or snowbirds, depending on what demographic you fall into. Some companies offer discounts for paying the entire balance up front, and others give discounts for paying by credit card. If you’re looking for a discount to ship your vehicle, we recommend talking to your auto transport company and see what types of discounts they offer – it’s best to talk to them and get an idea of what specific discounts they offer.

Communication is key when it comes to shipping a vehicle, so the more you have with your transport company the better off you’ll be – even for something as inconsequential as a discount. Not all auto shippers offer discounts, and they all offer different ones, which is what makes communication so key. If you’re interested in getting multiple free quotes from reliable and reputable auto transport companies, fill out our free form – it’s easy, takes at most two minutes, and gets you free quotes from great companies that all offer discounts for using their services. For questions, give us a call – we have helpful representatives standing by that will answer your questions and get you your free quotes today.

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