Chicago is the most populous city in Illinois with over 2.8 million residents, and is actually the third most populous city in the United States of America. The greater Chicago Metropolitan Area has a population of more than 9.5 million people and the city proper lies right next to Lake Michigan, and the cities counts itself inside the world\’s most populous urban centers.

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The city was founded on August 12th, 1833, though settlers had been living there long before that date. The city was a major rail hub during the 19th century, and as a major transportation station the city around it grew like wildfire. In 1871 the Great Chicago Fire destroyed over one third of the city, and ever since the city was rebuilt (the fire destroyed the entire business district) it has been known as “The Second City,” as the first city was destroyed. The city was notorious during the Depression and Prohibition eras for gangsters, among them Al Capone, and was a major center for jazz during the 1920\’s. After the war the city rebuilt its image, and now has an incredibly low crime rate and is one of the cleanest cities in the United States.

It lies within the humid continental climate, and as such it has hot summers and cooler winters, with lots of wind (hence the name “The Windy City.”). Typical average highs during the summer hover around 82 degrees, with lows in the mid 60\’s, and in winter the high typically tops out around 40 degrees, with the lows typically below freezing.

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