Quick Auto Transport: What “Quick” Means in the Auto Transport Industry

Most people nowadays live their life in the fast lane. It’s all about fast, and you can see this trend in movies, TV commercials, even in every day life, with no signs of stopping any time soon. But what about quick auto transport?

If you’re searching online for quick auto shipping services, you need to be aware that “quick” is inherently subjective in its nature; the term “quick auto transport” may imply faster-than-usual delivery, but it’s far from true – quick transport refers to how quickly your vehicle is picked up, i.e. expedited pickup services.

Quick Auto Transport: Delivery Timetables and What They Mean

Quick Auto TransportIf you need your vehicle in Los Angeles tomorrow, and you’re shipping from New York, chances are you’ll need to rent a car. Quick auto transport implies fast delivery times for a lot of people, and we hate to burst your bubble, but auto transport trucks can’t drive three thousand miles in a single day.

It’s physically impossible for a street-legal automobile to even do that. While you may be able to secure fast auto transport on a cargo plane, it’ll probably be a lot more than it would cost a regular, on-the-road auto transporter to ship it.

Auto transport across the country will take up to two weeks depending on the route, with the shortest cross-country route (coast-to-coast) taking a minimum ten days to travel. So when searching for quick auto shipping services, don’t expect to have your vehicle delivered a thousand miles in a single day – most transporters can only travel a maximum of 350 miles per day due to government regulations.

Quick Auto Transport: What You Expect vs. What You Get

With quick auto transport, you pay for what you get; the term refers to how quickly your vehicle is picked up in relation to when you booked your order – if you book your order on a Monday, quick auto transport services would get your vehicle picked up on the following Tuesday or Wednesday, as opposed to a week down the road.

Most auto transport pickup windows are anywhere from one to ten days on average, so in those terms expedited auto transport services would get your car picked up faster than they would be through the normal auto transport process. But keep in mind that fast auto transport doesn’t come cheap; expedited pickup services are tricky and not always available, and with auto transport the more money you’re paying, the more likely it is your vehicle will be picked up more quickly.

This is part of the reason why quick auto transport services are so expensive – they need to be, or else quick auto transport wouldn’t be available. Also be sure to keep in mind that rural pickups may take longer despite paying for expedited pickup, due to a lack of trucks in the area. While it’s not impossible to find quick auto transport services to or from a rural location, it’s definitely harder than finding regular transport, and this also adds to the cost.