Are you looking for freight shipping services?Are you shipping vehicles cross country, or to Alaska or Hawaii? We can help you ship your freight, and we can do it well. We’ve been in the shipping business for 20 years. In this article we’re going to talk about how much it costs to ship freight.

Freight Shipping Price Freight Shipping

There’s many different factors that go into deciding the price moving some freight will be. All of these factors combined equal the price of the final shipment. The first factor is the length the carrier has to go to pick up your shipment. Is it near a main city and is the drop off point near a main city?

One of the central factors in shipping freight and vehicles is the distance it is traveling. It traveling from Arizona to California will be cheaper than it traveling from Washington to Florida. The trucks carrying the loads not only have to drive the whole distance, but pay more for fuel and upkeep of the truck.

Another big factor in the price of shipping freight is the weight of the shipment. If you’re shipping one vehicle, this is probably a standard, cheap price. But shipping 5, 6, or some pieces of heavy equipment, and the price will quickly go up.

Other Factors in Price of Freight Shipping

There are other factors in how much shipping your freight will be. Whatever type of vehicles the freight you’re shipping is, if they don’t run, this affects the price. If the vehicle or vehicles don’t run, there have to be special tools to load and unload them onto the truck. Be careful to tell the company you’re using that your car doesn’t run if it doesn’t run.

The type of shipping is another thing that will affect the price. There’s more options than just normal shipping. Two other often selected options are expedited shipping and enclosed shipping. Expedited shipping increases the speed at which your shipment is delivered, by having the pick up date expedited.

Enclosed shipping is having your shipment inside of a truck, protected. The 4 walls of the truck will protect the vehicle from being affected by rain conditions and weather. This may be the option to select if one has a high-end or vintage vehicle in perfect condition.

Shipping Freight through the Seasons

The season that you’re shipping is an impact on the price and speed of the delivery as well. The summer time is when there’s simply more shipping happening. This means it’s cheaper for carriers to pick up your shipment, which means it’s cheaper for you as well.

Another factor is where your shipment is going. If it’s going to a central location where trucks pass through regularly, this will be cheaper for you. This is because it’s cheaper for the carriers to stay within the routes that are most convenient for them.

Freight Shipping in the USA

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