Pontiac GTO, then and Now
Pontiac GTO, then and Now

When searching for direct auto transport companies, it’s important to understand which type of company you need to be dealing with. When looking to book with any direct auto transport companies, there are two types that you can choose from: brokers and carriers.

Brokers, like us, are direct auto transport companies that don’t actually ship your vehicle…but they do everything else. Booking with a broker means that they handle all the paperwork, legal and logistical documents, find a carrier to ship your vehicle, and arrange pickup and delivery times.

Direct auto transport companies that work as a brokerage are essential to a good auto transport experience, and as such should be the main type of shipper you seek out when you’re searching for direct auto transport companies.

Direct auto transport companies that act as carriers are a different matter. Good luck actually finding one of them online – companies like those don’t typically advertise, but rather rely on brokers to find them new freight to haul and they make their money primarily through them.

This is because carriers can’t operate like brokers or other direct auto transport companies as most of them own their own trucks, and at the end of the day are only one-or-two-man operations. Many carriers are comprised of a driver and a dispatcher, with the driver in the truck and the dispatcher maintaining the schedule and the route and dealing with all the money.

It works well for direct car transport companies that operate in such a fashion, because they don’t have to spend a lot of money on advertising, as they have brokers who actually seek them out.

The best way to find direct vehicle transport companies is actually by using websites that get you multiples free quotes in your e-mail. These websites aren’t brokers or carriers, but they definitely help you find direct vehicle shipping companies and are a great resource for getting basic questions answered before you book your shipment.

Many of these sites only send you quotes from highly reputable transport companies, and may even give you a free estimate when you fill out their free form. They also provide pertinent information that is paramount when discussing shipping with any direct auto transport companies.

The information that a lot of these quote websites give out pertains to any direct auto shipping company, not just the ones that advertise with them, and often contain information regarding what factors will affect your prices, where their direct auto transport companies ship to and from, and much more.

We recommend that you do your homework before booking with any direct auto transport companies, because not all transporters are built the same. Websites like Transport Reviews and the Better Business Bureau are great resources for finding out which companies you find aren’t worth their weight in salt, and which ones are able to give you what you need. Knowledge is power, don’t forget, and we urge you to learn as much about the auto transport industry – and your direct auto transport companies – before booking any shipment with anyone.