Boat transport is something many Americans who have a boat have to do eventually. The boat could be being brought to storage, or to a lake in the northeast states, or from one ocean to the other. Boats can’t travel over land by themselves, so we have carriers to move them from one water-bed to another. Take a look at this article to see what we can do for your boat transport!

Boat Transport in the USABoat Transport

Though we are called “American auto shipping” we actually help customers ship almost any kind of vehicle. Even heavy construction vehicles. Boat transport is something that we do now and then, and have experience with. The difference with transporting a boat is the price, and how it is done exactly.

Shipping a boat is a different process than shipping a vehicle. A special company who can ship boats will be the one picking up the boat, and additionally, there are different trailers and different trailer options this carrier could use. If you own your own boat trailer, this can be used as well, which saves money. Lastly, as mentioned in our Auto Shipping FAQ: Can I get Quotes to Ship a Boat page, it is possible to get enclosed transport for a boat, but this the price will be astronomically higher.

Preparing the Boat for Transport

Shipping a boat is a more careful and long process than shipping a car. Most vehicle shipping is done for cars, so the process is streamlined, a boat is obviously rarer. The company you’re using will need some more time to prepare for the shipment, and will need some information from you about the boat.

The biggest factor is the dimensions of the boat. A completely different process will occur depending on the size of your boat. What else that you need is it’s name, it’s class, and it’s marine designation. Secondly, make sure everything inside the boat is secured, as well as all windows and latches being secured.

Lastly, make sure you have a time window segmented for the shipping of the boat. Shipping a boat takes longer than shipping a car, so plan on having a few extra days when calculating how long it will take to ship. Shipping a boat is easy, but planning does need to go into it.

How do I ship my boat?

After you’ve filled out our online quote form, wait for the quote to arrive to your email. Let us know if you have the trailer for it, or if we’ll need to provide it. Then, pay the deposit at pick up, and once the boat’s been delivered, pay the remainder of the price.

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To ship your boat, call us at 800-930-7417, and we’ll have a quote right to you. If you’re unable to fill out the form, give us a call instead. We have an agent waiting on standby. We’re been shipping cars to boats to tractors for 20 years. Give us a call at 800-930-7417, or fill out our online form today!