Guaranteed Car Transport: What Guaranteed Pickup Means

Guaranteed Car TransportA lot of car transporters offer guaranteed car transport pickup and delivery services on a specific day of your choosing. This isn’t a bad thing, though the actual process of car transport can be a bit misleading at first. Guaranteed car transport, in the traditional sense, is a bit more difficult to secure, but there are some car transport companies out there that offer guaranteed pickup services – but NOT by your actual auto transport carrier.

Instead, what these car transport companies will do is find a local flatbed or towing service to pick your vehicle up for you on a specific day, then transport it to a holding facility where it will await pickup by an actual long-haul auto transport carrier. Some companies may charge more for guaranteed car transport, but all in all it depends on which car transporter you actually book your shipment with.

Guaranteed Car Transport: Pickup and Delivery Guarantees

While pickup and delivery dates may be guaranteed, guaranteed car transport doesn’t necessarily mean that your vehicle will get from Point A to Point B in the time you ask for – you can’t get a car from New York to Los Angeles in two days, it’s not possible.

But you can get a car transport pickup or delivery date depending on which company you end up booking with. But remember that transport time will take however long it takes, and as such guaranteed car transport delivery dates are a bit harder to actually give out. Pickup isn’t a problem, so long as you don’t mind a third party getting it off your hands, but you should factor in how long it’ll take your vehicle to actually get from the pickup to the destination locations.

Guaranteed Car Transport: Price Guarantees

When it comes to guaranteed car transport, a lot of companies like to guarantee the quotes they give their customers, meaning that the price you see is the price you’ll pay. But this can be a problem if your auto transporter decided to skip their morning coffee and, in turn, calculates your quote wrong.

Now, instead of paying the right amount, you’re paying a couple hundred less, and you’re realizing that your vehicle isn’t moving. So, in order to ship your vehicle, you either need to pay more money or else cancel your order. This is a problem in the auto transport industry, and we want you to make sure that when you find a car transport quote, you understand what you’re really getting.

This is why we also recommend getting as many quotes as possible, because not all guaranteed car transport prices are actually…you know…guaranteed. We will admit that prices change rapidly in the car shipping industry, and there are times when you’re given a quote only to have the prices for that particular route jump up a day or two after you get it.

However, any reputable auto transport company will tell you what has happened and why you need to pay additional money. And, if you haven’t realized by now, these companies probably won’t offer guaranteed car transport prices, because they’ll understand that car transport is anything but guaranteed.

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