Charleston is a city in and the county seat of Charleston County, South Carolina. The city was originally founded in 1680 as Charlestowne or Charles Town, and it wasn’t until after the American Revolution that the name was changed to its current spelling. It is the second most-populous city in the state of South Carolina, after the capital Columbia, and its population sits at a steady 118,000 inhabitants.

The city was founded in 1680 and quickly grew as settlers from all over the world began to settle there. The city has been known for its ethnic diversity, so much so that it’s was one of the few cities to allow French Huguenots to settle and practice there.

It was influential after the American Revolution as a trading center; however, it seceded from the Union in early 1861, and was the first state to declare secession. However, after the Civil War the city regained its position as a trading powerhouse and maintained it well into the 20th century. Today, the city is in the midst of a massive urban renewal project that has brought Charleston back to the forefront.

The city lies in a humid subtropical climate zone, which is characterized by hot humid summers and mild, warm winters. Average highs during the summer months peak at around 88 degrees, while lows rarely drop below 70. During the winter temperatures cool slightly, with average highs peaking around 63 and lows dropping to around 40 degrees or so.

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Charleston Zip Codes Include:

29401, 29402, 29403, 29406, 29407, 29409, 29412, 29413, 29414, 29416, 29417, 29422, 29423, 29424, 29425,

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