Vehicle shippingVehicle shipping is a long and arduous process. Everyone who knows the industry or who has shipped a vehicle before can probably tell you not all of it is awesome. But vehicle shipping isn’t just doom and gloom, at least not anymore. Although misinformation still runs rampant in the industry, you can learn a lot to make your shipment easier and less stressful. In this helpful article, we’ll discuss the different types of companies that operate in the vehicle shipping industry today. Which ones you want to talk to and how you can choose the right shippers for your transportation needs.

In the vehicle shipping industry, there are really only three types of companies. 1) Vehicle shipping quote providers. 2) Vehicle shipping brokerages. 3) Vehicle shipping carriers. Vehicle shipping quote providers are online-based and maintain websites that get customers multiple quotes from various companies. Quote providers are incredibly useful for both customers and shipping companies, because they tend to be a customers’ first stop.

By getting multiple quotes from different shippers, you can compare prices and services of different shippers. To make a more informed decision on who you want to book with. Quote providers also act as quasi-overseers, as they are required to work only with licensed and bonded shippers. Which usually means the quotes you get will be from some of the best shippers in the industry.

The quotes that you will receive from an online quote provider will almost always come from vehicle shipping brokerages, or brokers. A broker is a company that is incredibly beneficial not just for you but for the industry as a whole. For starters, they help keep the prices much lower than if the vehicle shipping carriers were the only companies. Since they have to maintain a balance between the customers that they ship vehicles for, and the carriers that they book freight through. By doing so, they help keep an eye on prices.

If some companies are priced higher than others, they can bargain with companies to lower prices on behalf of their customers. They handle all the paperwork and keep track of your vehicle as it is on the road. While also providing useful information regarding vehicle shipping and helpful tips on how to make your vehicle shipping easier. They also speed up pickup times for customers as well. Instead of you contacting a carrier and waiting for them to get to you, brokers can scour your area and find all the carriers near your pickup location. Which generally results in faster pickup and lower transit times.

The real MVP’s of the vehicle shipping industry are the vehicle shipping carriers. These companies are a dime a dozen  which is actually good news. It’s easier than ever to find a carrier that is close to you. Brokers help keep pickup windows shorter for customers. Since carriers are the ones that are actually shipping your vehicle, they work closely with brokers to help find freight.

Auto transport carriers are governed by the rules set down by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. There was a time when interstate auto transportation was not well-regulated. Today, vehicle shipping carriers are required to carry at minimum $750,000 worth of insurance to protect the vehicles they ship. They also have to pass stringent weigh stations. If they are even a pound over the maximum weight limit, they can face serious penalties and fines. Many other checks and balances are in place to ensure that they are safe on the road.

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