2012 Toyota 4Runner
2012 Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner is Toyota’s most popular SUV available today. First put on sale in 1984 to compete with the Bronco II and the Chevy S-10, the 4Runner has been a strong seller for Toyota for almost thirty years. Vehicle shipping for a 4Runner shouldn’t be too expensive, though it can get tough depending on where you’re coming from and going to. This helpful vehicle shipping article will focus on the 2012 Toyota 4Runner, giving you a brief rundown of its key features as well as what could affect your vehicle shipping quotes if you’re looking to get yours shipped.

The 2012 Toyota 4Runner is currently available in three models, the SR5, Trail and Limited. The Trail and the Limited both feature what the SR5 does, as well as certain upgrades that we’ll cover as well. The SR5 comes with an integrated towing receiver hitch with a wiring harness and 4-and-7-pin connectors, a powered rear lift gate and hands-free phone capabilities and music streaming via Bluetooth. The Trail comes with an electronically-controlled locking rear differential, multi-terrain select Crawl Control, and water-resistant seating surfaces. The Limited features leather-trimmed seating surfaces, 20-inch split-six-spoke alloy wheels and dual zone automatic climate control.

The Toyota 4Runner is a mid-size SUV which means that it shouldn’t be too difficult for vehicle shipping companies to handle. It’s neither oversize, nor overweight, though some companies may consider it so – with SUV’s it varies from company to company what is considered oversize and what isn’t. If you do find a company that charges an oversize or overweight vehicle shipping fee for your 4Runner, it’ll be small – $50-$100 at most is what we figure, and if it’s any higher then you’re getting cheated. More importantly, however, is the pickup and delivery cities. Some areas are easier to get in and out of than others for vehicle shipping companies, so naturally more difficult to get to areas will be more expensive, and normally there isn’t much you can do to get around it. If  you’re shipping on a budget we highly recommend speaking to a live vehicle shipping representative who can give you advice on keeping your prices low, but as each vehicle shipping company has its own pricing methods there isn’t just one rule that will save you money.

But regardless of where you’re shipping to or from, or what your budget happens to be, American Auto Shipping is here to help. Simply fill out our free online vehicle shipping quote request form and you’ll get an instant price immediately right on your screen. American Auto Shipping is fully licensed, bonded and insured. You can also call our toll-free telephone number and speak to one of our live representatives if you have questions about the vehicle shipping industry, our affiliate shippers, or our website in general. So go ahead, fill out our free form or give us a quick call, and find out what American Auto Shipping can do for you and all your vehicle shipping needs.

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