Direct Auto Shipping: Profile of a Carrier

Direct Auto ShippingDirect auto shipping companies are the most prevalent carriers on the road today. They are the companies that are physically on the road, transporting your vehicle from the pickup city to the delivery location, with up to nine other vehicles along for the ride going to their own destinations.

And the life of an auto transport carrier is anything but pretty; though bound by government regulations, they often drive over ten hours per day in an effort to get as much distance in as possible. Each delivery means that they get paid, and much of the money paid to these direct auto shipping companies is spent on fuel and maintenance for their trucks.

Direct Auto Shipping: Pre-Pay vs. Cash on Delivery

When you book with any direct auto shipping company, there arises the issue of payment, and there are really two basic ways to pay your direct auto shipping company: either the entire balance up-front at the time you place your order, or else pay the deposit up front and pay the rest of the balance when your vehicle is delivered.

The latter method is most preferred by carriers around the country, as it means instant cash in their pocket; though they accept cashier’s checks and money orders along with cash, it’s infinitely preferable for carriers to get some sort of money when they deliver your vehicle as opposed to waiting for the broker you booked through to pay them.

What this means for you and your direct auto shipping experience is that your pickup times will probably be lessened; most pre-pay orders come with a two-week pickup window, while most cash-on-delivery orders come with a one-to-ten day pickup window, as carriers are more willing to pick up a cash-on-delivery order due to the guarantee of funds.

Direct Auto Shipping: Exercising Caution

When it comes to carriers, they need their money. It’s not a capitalistic view, it’s not a money-grubbing thing, it’s a basic fact of life; if they don’t have the funds to keep their trucks in running order, it’s difficult for them to keep afloat.

Auto shipping is expensive because it costs a lot to keep a twenty-ton machine in prime operating condition. And the more weight that auto shippers have on their trucks, the more quickly they consume fuel, which means more frequent stops to refuel. All this adds up, and as such direct auto shipping carriers need their cash.

Make sure you have your payment ready when the vehicle is delivered, as carriers will not release your vehicle until they are paid. While this is rare, it’s known to happen with people who try and skimp out on their payments, and we want you, the customer, to be fully informed regarding your direct auto shipping companies.

While all the carriers we work with are reputable and reliable, it’s important not to mess around with the payments; don’t book with a direct auto shipping company if you cannot pay for the services rendered, as it’ll mean a lot more trouble, hassle, and money for you down the line. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.