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Vastly cultural and historic, Trenton is the capital of New Jersey. Located on the Southwest end of the state. With a population 82,800, Trenton is a city that has been known as a sort of melting pot. There is a vast mix of cultures and heritages from all over the world. The three largest in populous being African American, Puerto Rican, and Italian. All contribute to a long list of other cultures shared to make Trenton the special city it is.

Trenton auto transport is easy to arrange, because it is such a large capital city. Major cities are always easier, and usually cheaper to arrange car shipping to. This is because carriers travel a long popular routes on major highways. There is just a higher demand and more customers looking to ship their car to and from major cities.

Trenton Auto Transport Specifics

Although it is a city to be reckoned with in both size and population today, Trenton was started with humble beginnings. In 1679 the city we’re familiar with today was then known as the Falls of Delaware. It was actually built by Quakers fleeing the UK from persecution.  The name Trenton was adopted from a leader and landowner in the area named William Trent. Starting with Trent-Towne and later changing to Trenton for short.  This fantastic city was also the battle ground for one of George Washington’s first victories. You can even visit the grounds of this historic event.

Trenton has a climate that is similar to most Eastern States, with is a humid subtropical temperate climate. Due to the Atlantic Ocean brushing up against this cities state, the precipitation can be slightly higher than most. This means there are often white winters. With an average high in January barely reaching 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters can be harsh. Since harsh winters are expected in the area, auto shipping during the winter may be more difficult. Carriers have a hard time navigating snowy cities, therefore they may charge more during the snowy months. However, the summers are much more mild. With an average high of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

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