Vehicle Transport Services: What They Are

Vehicle Transport Services
A Vehicle Transport Carrier in Action

In a nutshell, vehicle transport services are simply companies that help in the overall process of moving your car from your desired pickup location (or as close to as possible) to your desired delivery location (or as close to as possible). However, there are several different types of companies that provide vehicle transport services, and it’s important to understand how they work together as well as how each company operates as a whole in order to maximize your vehicle transport and get the highest quality transportation for you.

Vehicle Transport Services: Quote Providers

Online vehicle transport quote providers provide vehicle transport services on the most basic level: they get you in touch with different vehicle transport brokers that can ship your vehicle from anywhere to anywhere in the U.S. (and some even internationally), often by having you, the customer, fill out a free online quote request form and receiving multiple quotes to ship your vehicle. This is perhaps the best way to go about finding auto transport services, as quote providers are entirely free in terms of both cost and obligation (meaning you don’t need to pay for quotes or even book with one of the companies you get a quote from), and oftentimes their websites will provide useful information regarding the auto transport industry and what you can expect when searching and/or booking car transport services.

Vehicle Transport Services: Brokers

Enclosed Vehicle Transport Services
An Enclosed Vehicle Transport Truck

Vehicle transport brokers provide vehicle transport services from anywhere to anywhere in the United States. Utilizing vast databases of carriers, they can more accurately and quickly find a carrier that offers vehicle shipping services in your general area and arrange pickup in as little as a few days. Brokers offer transport services for almost any type of vehicle, though they don’t actually ship the vehicle themselves – they simply arrange it, and in terms of vehicle transport this is your best bet. Carriers, which we’ll cover in the next paragraph, don’t have the resources available to brokers in terms of customer service, and as such rely heavily on said brokers in order to continue providing transport services for their customers. Brokers are actually the main source of freight for most carriers in the industry.

Vehicle Transport Services: Carriers

Flatbed Vehicle Transport Services
A Flatbed Vehicle Transport Truck

Carriers that provide vehicle transport services come in three main varieties: open carriers, enclosed carriers, and flatbed carriers. Open carriers are the most common on the road today and ship just about 90% of all vehicles today. Open vehicle transport services leave the vehicles on their truck open to the elements, yes, but it is still much safer than driving the vehicle yourself. Enclosed vehicle transport services are mainly used to ship luxurious, rare, expensive, classic or collectible vehicles, and while it does provide more protection for the vehicles on the truck it is also much more expensive, and generally recommended only for vehicles that aren’t driven daily. Flatbed vehicle transport services are utilized only when the vehicle you need to ship is too large to fit on an open carrier. Generally this only applies for lifted pickup trucks/SUV’s, heavy equipment such as construction rigs, boats, etc. Larger-than-normal vehicles.