Vehicle MovingYou’ve probably moved a lot of things from place to place, especially if you’ve ever had to move to a new residence. But have you ever had to ship a car?

Vehicle moving is a specialized field you will need to hire someone for. Luckily, American Auto Shipping does specialize in vehicle moving. We can get you a quote to move any kind of vehicle, big or small. Read on to learn more about shipping vehicles, how it works, and how we can help.

How vehicle moving works

Shipping a vehicle doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, when laid out, the process is actually pretty simple. First, we’ll take all the information for your shipment and book your order. From there, it’s up to us to find the right carrier that you need.

The carrier is the company that physically transports your vehicle. Considering there are thousands on the road today, it can be difficult to find one at a quality price. That’s why we’re here – to make sure we find you the right carrier at the right rate.

Once we find an appropriate carrier, we’ll let you know. We’ll make sure that they are fully licensed and insured and that they are top-rated.

After we find a carrier for you, you’ll need to be there for pickup and delivery. If you can’t be present, you’ll need someone there in your place. After that’s figured out, though, all you have to do is wait. Most shipments are completed within a week. So make sure you do not wait until the last minute to esquire about your vehicle moving needs.

Methods For Vehicle Moving

Your vehicle will be transported on a carrier. A carrier is just another word for truck. Most often, an open ten car carrier will be used for your shipment. You’ve probably seen them traveling down the highway loaded up with cars – they sort of look like they’re stacked precariously on the back of the truck, right? Well, they’re not just put there haphazardly. All vehicles are fully secured with straps or chains.

Carriers travel along routes that go across the nation. They pass through small towns and big cities along major interstates to get to where they need to get to. This allows them to stop in an area, drop off a vehicle for a customer, then pick up a vehicle for a different customer in the same area.

You’ve also probably seen an enclosed auto shipping carrier traveling down the highway. However, you would probably not be able to guess it is carrying cars. Enclosed auto shipping carriers look similar to any semi truck. Cars are completely concealed within the metal casing of the trailer. Most cars do not require enclosed auto shipping unless they are rare, luxury, or sport cars.

If you are looking for vehicle moving for a large or unusual vehicle, then a different carrier will be needed. When moving a piece of heavy machinery, over sized van, truck, RV, or farm equipment then a flatbed truck will be used. If the vehicle is very tall, then a lowboy flatbed trailer will be needed. We can get you a quote to ship any kind of vehicle. No matter how large, we can find the right kind of vehicle moving carrier for the job.

Get A Quote For Vehicle Moving

We can get you a quote for any type of vehicle moving you may need. It’s very fast, and very easy. All you have to do is fill out the quote form at the top of this page. Once you hit submit, you will receive an instant price quote immediately on your screen. If you like the price, you can even enter your payment information and we’ll start arranging your shipment right away.

Not sure if you’re ready for a vehicle moving quote? Call us 24/7 at 800-930-7417 and we can answer any questions you may have. Once you have all the information you need, we can give you a quote right over the phone.